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It would be an understatement to say my boys love tractors. Seriously, they dig them (pun intended) 😉 And I know they’re not the only ones. These CAT toy tractors are in nearly every tot’s household. They get some major bang for very little buck!
Here’s a small list of 10 ways your kids can enjoy these toys in your house
(starting from the top left of the image and working my way down):
1. Construction Zone Cake (and it totally doesn’t have to be for a birthday. How about just a tractor cake to celebrate it’s Friday?) 🙂
2.  Clean the Trucks Sensory Play The set up of this activity is genius!
3. Alphabet Construction Zone Tractors and the alphabet, who would have thought this would be such a great combo?!?
4. Tractor Construction Site Part sensory bin play, part small world exploration, what’s not to love?!
5. Tractor and Cereal Sensory Bin Use up some breakfast cereal for this fun and unexpected sensory idea!
6. Construction Zone Breakfast We had a great time with this one! As a matter of fact, we loved it so much we did it again! (see our Construction Zone Buffet here)
7. Excavating Hearts Construction Zone Who says tractors and hearts don’t go together?
8. Snowy Construction Zone So much fun!!
9. Painting with Tractors A fun and different way to create art!
10. Playing in the dirt! You don’t need much more than a pile of dirt, sand, or rocks to have fun with these!

How do your munchkins play with their tractors? Leave me a comment if you have new ideas to add to this list! Or stop by our Facebook page and leave a picture! (you can also follow Munchkins and Moms on Instagram and Pinterest!)

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