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This morning as I was planning breakfast for Cannon, I decided to make it a little more exciting with adding a small world play element to it. I recently found these great little tractors on Christmas clearance (only $1.35!) and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to open them- this was it! Baby Hunter was already awake (he’s up by 6:30, but brother doesn’t wake until 7:30) So I had time to feed him, have breakfast myself, and set up this invitation before I heard Cannon’s sweet little voice calling for “mama”.

I wish I would have snapped a shot of his face when he saw the set-up. His eyes were so wide as he exclaimed a simple “WHOA!”
I just used breakfast supplies I had on hand: bagel, cream cheese, blueberries, Cheerios, Peanut Putter Toast Crunch, plus I added a small container of oatmeal to the side for his tasting pleasure 🙂

Small world construction play
Unfortunately, I hadn’t made it to the grocery store yet, so the scene lacked fruits that I would have otherwise added (apples and bananas). Besides missing more fruit, it was a great variety of some of Cannon’s favorite breakfast foods!
Small world construction play
Small world construction play

Small world construction play
After tasting a bit of everything, he settled on eating the oatmeal and mostly just playing with the other materials. I also added a few Little People characters for him to incorporate into the play:
Small world construction play
It was such a fun way to start our Saturday 🙂 And as I promised myself, I’m working on incorporating more interesting play activities for Baby Hunter. Here was his version of this activity:
infant construction play

I put out a fluffy brown rug to simulate dirt (it also offered a nice sensory element to the play), and he explored a small construction book with more tractor toys. He was perfectly content inspecting each tractor and sitting on the rug 🙂
I love to be the type of mama that encourages playing (even with food!). I hope experiences like this contribute to my boys’ creativity as they grow into awesome young men one day! 🙂

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