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Alphabet Construction Zone- A great activity for preschoolers who love tractors!
Well, my boys still have an intense interest in tractors (have you seen our 10 Activities you can do with Toy Tractors post? This mini sensory bin was inspired by one of the activities there). It was super simple to put together and a great way to get some pretend play and alphabet practice in! 

Ever since I started our homeschool routine, I try to implement one alphabet recognition activity a day. Flashcards are a last resort here, because my son doesn’t enjoy learning that way. He (and honestly, I) prefer learning through playful activities like this.

Since my kids are motivated by all things tractors, this was an easy way to get them engaged in a learning activity that was also fun. I started by just letting them explore the bin and play with the materials. In their excitement, they called me over to show me what they were doing. It was great to watch how they were learning and having fun!

In the midst of their pretend play, they were sorting colors, discovering letters, asking me what other letters were, etc.  These are the kinds of rich play experiences I strive to offer my boys!

Tractors, construction workers, and alphabet letters left the bin as the play soon expanded onto the tabletop! As the boys get older, I’ll use this activity to “construct” words using the tractors to help spell things out (so fun!) This is the type of bin that I will leave out for the rest of the week to see how they continue to interact with it. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s play will bring 🙂

Alphabet Construction Zone Sensory bin