A fun snack for preschoolers using toy tractors and breakfast cereal!

My kids are crazy about tractors. I attribute it to a grandpa who is a tractor driver (or heavy equipment operator, as he puts it).  These mini tractor toys have been a playtime staple in the house and we’ve used them in SO many activities (see a whole list of ways to play with tractors here!). As a matter of fact, we’ve even done this very activity before (Construction Zone Breakfast), but, it was quite a long time ago so I thought I’d give it a go again. My boys were sure happy I did! This would also make a great snack for any construction zone or tractor themed birthday party! Preschoolers just love tractors!


  • Tractor toys
  • Various cereal and fruits
  • A tray to serve it all in

A tractor and construction zone snaack makes eating fun for toddlers and preschoolers!

They didn’t waste any time digging right in!! They had all their favorite fruit and cereal right at their fingertips, no spoons or forks necessary. Who needs forks anyways when you have bulldozers and dump trucks?!? The set-up invited them to really have fun with breakfast- they played pretend with the construction worker, bulldozed some grapes around the tray, and of course ate lots of yummy food in between working/playing 😉

Bulldozers, dump trucks, and breakfast, oh my! What a fun construction zone snack for toddlers and preschoolers!

The variety of cereal made it fun for playing pretend- boulders of chocolate and grapes, car tire cheerios, gravel wheat puffs, and I’m not really sure what the strawberries represented, they just needed some more fruit in the tray and didn’t seem to question their belonging in the construction zone small world 🙂

Would your kids preschoolers love digging into this tractor themed snack? How would you change it to suit their interests? Share your thoughts in the comments, or head over to Instagram to share your photos with me!

Bulldozers, dump trucks, and breakfast, oh my! A fun tractor themed snack for toddlers and preschoolers!

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