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If you follow Munchkins and Moms on Instagram, then you might have seen a sneak peak of this post a couple weeks back. It was totally unplanned and I was caught off guard with how much both of my boys really enjoyed it!
Don’t you just love activities with a short supplies list? I started the activity by flattening three small balls of homemade play dough and setting out the blocks. I thought we were going to start by color matching blocks and play dough, but my oldest son knew just what he wanted to start with: impressions! This was one of those times that I just sat back and let him lead the activity. Color matching would have been a totally awesome educational activity, but my son’s idea was just as good. We actually sat quietly and made impressions for several minutes without discussing colors, shapes, patterns, or anything really. The quietness of the activity was a welcome treat for this mama whose days are rarely quiet!
Once the quiet was over, Cannon wanted to take the activity to a 3D level. He stood the diamond pieces up in the play dough and told me he was making a fence! Ha, how creative! Then he asked me to make a snake, so I rolled out the blue play dough and he proceeded to put diamond spikes along it’s back.
How cool is that snake?!? I helped out with the eyes and tongue to make it a little more snake-y 😉 Whenever the play dough comes out I can’t refrain myself from playing along with the boys. There’s just something soothing about squishing and rolling out the dough, so if you’re wondering why this post is lacking in pictures, it’s because I was a little pre-occupied playing 🙂
I hope this inspired you to take out some new tools for your next play dough session! If you don’t already have pattern blocks, I’d say they are a GREAT investment to have in your preschool toolbox! We use them for pattering, color identification, shape recognition, and of course creative play opportunities like this one 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Pattern Blocks and Play Dough”

  1. Those pattern blocks are a great addition to play dough time! I’m always looking for new things to add to dough play to make it a little different. (There’s only so many play dough worms/snakes one can makes, lol!)

    1. I agree! We have made our fair share of snakes and worms- so adding a new element is always exciting!

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