Fall Leaves Painted Toast- a fun and simple preschool activity!

While I may not be a bento lunch mom, I do like to let my kids play with their food every now and then! Our construction Zone Buffet has been hugely popular, and our Name Recognition Toast was a great way to incorporate some literacy into our snack. Today I’m sharing a fun fall themes snack and activity put together: Fall Leaf Toast!

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I started by using the cookie cutters to make leaf shaped bread. It can be difficult for kids to push the cookie cutters all the way through spongy bread, so you may want to do this part yourself.


I made our fall “paint” colors by mixing just a couple tablespoons of milk with liquid food coloring. Just a few drops will do here! My kids are all too familiar with painting bread, so they jumped right into the fun and loved this new spin on the activity!

Fall Leaves toast- a simple and fun edible art activity for preschoolers!

Even on wheat bread, the colors come out nice and vibrant! You’ll want to keep an eye on the painting to make sure the bread doesn’t get too soggy, though. The milk paint is pretty bright, so explain to your kids that a little goes a long way (no need for a sopping wet paintbrush!)

bread 6

We decided to go with three prevalent fall colors for painting the bread- red, yellow, and orange. We also talked about how as the season progresses, leaves will change a variety of colors.


There are some great books to pair this activity with! We started with this simple one, Fresh Fall Leaves, which is great for toddlers or young preschoolers. Other great books would be Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf and We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt.

bread and book

My youngest son eats these just like this, no toasting at all! My oldest like his bread toasted, but because of the unique shape of the bread, the regular toaster doesn’t work well (the bread tends to get stuck in there). Maybe the ones like the restaurant toasters could work as some of them may have bigger slots for the bread.

Nevertheless, for best results, use a toaster over or the broiler on a conventional oven to get desired tostiness, then spread with butter or your favorite topping and enjoy! 🙂

Make Fall Leaves Painted Toast with your preschoolers! A simple, fun snack that they can eat!

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  1. This is brilliant! I love letting my girls play with food.. I have found that it has helped them a lot more open to trying different foods! As when it is a “game” they don’t realise they are trying new things!
    Can I share this please on my blog and use a link to your site so people can see it?

    1. Thanks, Karly! You’re right, making the meal fun means they are much less likely to complain over it- win! 🙂 You have my permission to share.

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