Name recognition Snack- a fun activity and snack for preschoolers!

My boys love bread and butter. I usually offer it with some fruit, this time we just made the bread a little extra special! Both my boys had a great time with this snack and learning activity! It’s actually something we have done before (see “Letterpress Toast“),  but I’m bringing it back for this week’s #earlychildhoodeducation weekly post. It’s super simple, you probably already have everything necessary to make this for snack today ๐Ÿ™‚

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Woohoo for short supply lists, right!? I prepped the activity by smearing some gel food on a plate. The food coloring acts as the “ink” for our stamps. I laid out the correct letters for my son’s name and we got to stamping!


I had to remind Cannon to press the stamp firmly so we could see the entire letter on the bread. He thought that was funny, for some reason ๐Ÿ™‚

Fun name recognition snsack activity for preschoolers!

Cannon sang the alphabet as he stamped, and pointed each letter out to me. He has really come a long way in learning to recognize his name (this fine motor name recognition activity helped a lot!)


For the first piece of bread we made, I just let Cannon stamp the letters anywhere he wanted. He loved the freedom and still had a chance to work on letter recognition. We made another piece of bread later that spelled his name with the letters in the correct order. This was a good chance for me to talk about the difference between letters and words. I reminded him that letters were the individual stamp marks he made, but words (like his name), are letters put together in a special order that we can read.

To turn this into a proper snack, I toasted the bread and offered it with butter to smear and fruit on the side. Toasting the bread sealed the color so it didn’t rub off onto little faces and hands- make sure not to leave that step out when you do this with your preschoolers ๐Ÿ™‚

Name recognition snack activity for preschoolers!

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Name recognition snack activity for preschoolers!



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