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Oh, good old hardware store paint chips! They are like crafting gold, and my friend Jenna of Burlap and Blyth is no stranger to a hardware store! As owner of Burlap and Blythe, a shop which sells beautiful wooden decor signs, Jenna know her way around the hardware store! She was kind enough to sponsor this post today with a wonderful activity for my boys (did I mention she is also a speech and language pathologist?!?) She gave me some great pathologist tips that can be incorporated into playing and learning with these cards- keep reading to learn more (and learn all about the AWESOME giveaway we have running on Instagram!)

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If you’re making this activity at home, here’s some supplies you’ll need:

My oldest son was interested in the activity right away! He thought the clothespins looked like little popsicle sticks and was pretty eager to show me he could match the colors.

Paint chip and clothespin color matching activity

He liked to talk to me about how all the colors were the “same and different!”

Tip from the Pathologist: Use vocabulary like light, lighter lightest (or dark, darker, darkest) to describe the various shades of colors.

paint 3

While Cannon was able to get every one of the purple colors matched, but he had a tougher time with the pink. He had to check his colors a few times before finding the right match. I tried my best not to intervene since this is a self-correcting activity. He eventually found his mistakes and corrected them, but man is it tough as a mama to sit back and let them learn on their own!

Tip from the pathologist: When describing the location of various shades on the card, try to use language to direct children versus general pointing. i.e. use words like top, middle, and bottom versus general pointing and broad directions such as “over there”.

paint 5

My three year old really enjoyed the challenge and interest of this activity! While he knows all his color names I think this will also be a great way to expand on that knowledge (i.e. not just purple, periwinkle purple. Not just green, lime green. etc).

Closing tip(s) from the pathologist:

  • For non/less verbal children, use the hand sign for “same” (looks like the hang ten sign, pinkie and thumb out and shaking back and forth) when comparing the matching clothespin and paint chip.
  • Practice one to one correspondence by counting the colors on each card (or counting all the clothespins for more of a challenge!)
  • Discuss the concept of “full” versus “empty” (i.e. this card is full of matches.” / “This card is empty.” / “There are two empty spaces”

Paint Chip color matching acivity for toddlers.Great activity to keep yoddler busy and still learning!

Now for the review of the beautiful sign I received to share with you all!

This is our living room art wall. It’s usually filled with things the boys and I make throughout our home preschool week, but I decided I really wanted to have this sign smack in the middle of it all, because that’s just the type of reminder I need to see. When our days are chaos (as they often can be), I look up and am reminded of the beautiful hymn, and I catch myself humming the tune “It is Well with my Soul.” It’s an uplifting reminder that I am beyond blessed, and it is indeed well with my soul!



Everything about the sign is gorgeous and truly professional. You can see (even just in the game she sent me!) Jenna is meticulous about details, which shows in her work. There is not a rough edge or drip of stain anywhere- it is perfect! Even the packaging was sweet and thoughtful!


By the way, Jenna is  beautiful decorator! Check out how she styles this (and many of her other signs!) on the Burlap and Blyth Instargam page! And While you’re there, stop by Munchkins and Moms for a chance to win this sign for your own home!

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