plastic bag kites

Cheap. Ridiculous. Embarrassing. Be honest with me, were those the first thoughts that ran through your head when you saw this idea?  Well, I will totally embrace those terms then, even with their negative connotations (but let it be known I prefer the frugal, creative/industrious, and silly :-))

Playing with kites is a classic activity- but we don’t always have them handy when the winds decide to start blowing. No worries, though! Plastic bags do the trick in a pinch and my kids love them just as much as the real deal. 

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All you have to do t make these kites is tie a length of the embroidery floss to the handles of the bag. Try not to make it too long, as these kites are better for catching low drag wind than they are at actually flying up in the air.

My kids played with these bags for at least 3o minutes straight. Then they took a quick break and went right back to it an hour later. It was ADDICTIVE.

plastic bag kite-2

Ways to extend the activity: Ask children which direction the wind is blowing. Help them to see that the bag kite flies best when they run against the wind!

plastic bag kite 3

Are you ready to try this out with your kids? Snap a few pictures (or video!), post them on Instagram, and tag @munchkins_and_moms so I can enjoy it with you!

Windy day activity for preschoolers- Plastic bag kites!

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  1. This is actually super smart! We bought a cheap kite at Walmart last year and it broke almost immediately. My son could care less if the kite he was flying was made from a plastic bag or was bought at the store. Thanks!!

    1. Right?!?I mean real kites are fun and all, but my kids are so happy (and active) with this that I haven’t even gotten a real one yet!

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