Monster truck pretend play

You know what my kids love? DIRT. And also anything that involves dirt- Tractors (move dirt), bugs (live in the dirt) mud (that’s just a given). Monster trucks just naturally fit into this area, too. But there are actually days that I don’t want them to go play in the dirt. This activity was made for days like that! 

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We used a basic salt dough recipe (1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour, one cup of water) and added brown food coloring to make it look like mud. To make the dough, mix all ingredients together and knead until smooth. While salt dough isn’t my favorite kind of dough  (it is not nearly as smooth and long-lasting as my favorite play dough recipe), it can be made in a matter of minutes and is still tons of fun.

This hunk of dough was the real star of our pretend play scene! My son started making a mountain of it right away!


And that began his monster truck rally!

Monster trucks pretend play

We had a whole lot of fun including a TON of dramatic play! I could barely stop myself from taking at least 100 pictures (I’ll spare you all the full set!), but I totally love hearing him act out play scenes and this was a fun one!

monster trucks 3

Pretend play is an important part of early childhood experiences. They allow children to act out and solve their own problems, develop confidence, provide freedom of expression and help build confidence! If your child has a hard time coming up with their own pretend play, try setting up a simple scene like this that will spark their interest!

Now that we experienced a fun pretend play opportunity with these trucks, I will try to build on that interest through ought the week by coming up with learning activities involving monster trucks. This YouTube video is a great start!

Monster truck pretend play!

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