Anyone else love a good process art activity?

We do! Process art is my favorite because it allows my kids to be creative and enjoy the process of creating art (versus being fixated on a final product). When you have one child who is a perfectionist (will melt down if his work doesn’t look exactly as the example), and one rebel (rules? what rules?) process art is always the answer.

In this activity, we used dollar store kitchen tools for a painting project. There were no rules (here you go, my little rebel child) and nothing to try to recreate (be creative, my little perfectionist!) All I did was offer the paint, paper, and tools. They took care of the rest!

And, if while playing, your child breaks one or two of these toys, you can easily fix them using glue or plastic adhesive. This can help in preventing unnecessary plastic waste generation. Using a good quality adhesive can make the toys reusable for a while.

Developing Flexible Thinking Skills through Art

You can use toys for all sorts of process art activities! Paint toy dinosaurs, paint with cars, or use play dough tools to create art. Using unexpected tools to create art provides kids with a chance to practice flexible thinking skills.

Flexible thinking is the ability to look at something in a unique and different way. It encourages problem-solving, innovation, and creativity. So when I offer to let my kids paint with toys, they are getting the benefit of art and cognitive development in one fun activity!

Creating Art with Kitchen Tools

My boys used the different kitchen tools to make the most interesting shapes! The knife made lines, the spatulas made funny squares, the masher made waves, etc. There were so many interesting shapes represented in these kitchen tools!

I just love the vibrant colors of their art! In my opinion, neons are the way to go for stand-out art projects!

The project lasted around 30 minutes and left us with some awesome refrigerator-worthy masterpieces. I already can’t wait for our next process art activity day <3