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This is it. I’ve tried MANY play dough recipes before, and I’ve even thought that I already found the best one (see my Galaxy Dough recipe). While that recipe is a great no-cook option, it pales in comparison to this one. This play dough is softer, smoother, and lasts for months without feeling dry, perfect for sculpting and sparking your kids’ imaginations. Plus, if you use one of the best induction hob options out there it will cook up really fast! So if you’ve got a few minutes (maybe the while the munchkins nap), whip out some supplies and make a batch of this dough!
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 1.5 cups of salt
  • 6 tsp. cream of tartar
  • 3 tbsp. oil
  • 3 cups of water
  • Food coloring (using any other variety may cause colors to come out differently than pictured)
Make it:
Pour all the ingredients into a pot. Mix until well combined and cook over medium heat, stirring continuously. The mixture will seem watery at first. My dough needed cooking for 7 minutes total. At that point, the mixture became doughy and was ready to be removed from the heat.

Let the dough cool before breaking it up into smaller pieces. I made 10 balls (1/2 cup each) and had a little bit left over. Please note, the coloring guide I am sharing is specifically created to color these exact size balls of dough. Anything larger/smaller will need adjusting with more or less food coloring.
To color the dough, I simple made a divot and dropped the colors in the middle. I used my hands to thoroughly mix it up. Be cautious though, because the food coloring can stain fingers and clothes!
Coloring Guide:
  • Red: 27 drops of red food coloring (You may be able to use less, I was really going for a bright and vibrant red, but was only able to come up with a rosy colored red).
  • Orange: 12 Yellow + 4 red (this one came out nice and vibrant)
  • Pumpkin-colored orange: 17 yellow + 6 red
  • Yellow: 15 yellow
  • Lime Green: 10 yellow + 2 green
  • Green: 15 green
  • Lighter Teal: 5 red + 15 blue + 5 green
  • Darker Teal: 12 blue + 8 green
  • Blue: 15 blue
  • Purple: 15 red + 6 blue
Super smooth home made play dough! Best recipe I've found yet :-)
Now all that’s left is to let the kids dig in and pay!
Our Christmas list also has some fun play dough tools that I can’t wait for the boys to get their hands on!
If you have any other color combinations for this play dough, Please leave me a comment so I can update the guide! And don’t forget to stop by the Munchkins and Moms Facebook page and leave a picture or comment on the activities your doing with your munchkins!

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