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It’s the time of year that I start brainstorming gifts for my kids, nieces, and nephews. I absolutely love thinking of things that will thrill them and keep them entertained all year long!

This year I am particularly looking for gifts that will keep my kiddos entertained and happy as they play indoors during the cold winter months. Pretend play sets always keep my kiddos engaged for hours on end, so that was where I started looking for gifts first. Here are a few things that my kids got to open early and test out:

Dinosaur Adventure Backpack

I could not wait to give them this one! The backpack is awesome because it comes with 8 dinosaurs plus accessories- all stored in a cool backpack that doubles as a playmat!

This is going to be the best when we are traveling out of town! I love how convenient it is as well as how much pretend play it inspires.

See how to make a sensory bin using the dinosaurs from this backpack here!

Magnetic Creation Station

My five-year-old was alllll about this! It’s a unique building/design toy that encourages creativity.

The set includes a 16 page design book with ideas for building. My son carefully counted out each required piece for a helicopter design and created this masterpiece sculpture. He was so proud of his work! After he built a few more designs from the book, he started making his own creations (which he was equally proud of). I loved seeing his imagination at work with this toy!

My First Shaving Kit

Hold the phones- this is the kit my four-year-old has been waiting for for his entire life. He is a pretend play enthusiast with a dramatic play costume closet that would make a Disney princess jealous. He LOVES dressing up and acting like various community helpers and people in his life. Every time we leave the house, he needs to know the destination so he can dress accordingly (doctor outfit for doc appointments, chef costume for bakery visits, and construction worker for everyday attire). He lives for this stuff. But he doesn’t have a shave kit, and that’s something he’s pretty familiar with (since he sees daddy using one all the time that i got engraved from this place). I cannot even begin to describe the level of excitement he had for this gift!

He immediately decided that this kit will live in his bathroom near his toothbrush. It is most definitely not a toy to him, this is now part of his every day getting ready routine (get dressed, brush teeth, shave his beard). Totally adorable.

I’m pretty sure every little boy on our Christmas list will be getting this for Christmas as well. It’s just so much fun (and to make it even cooler, the electric razors vibrate for a real-life feel!).

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I’d love to know what Lakeshore Learning item you have in mind for your kids this Christmas? Let me know in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Great Gifts for Indoor Fun!”

  1. I love lakeshore and I so wish we had a store closer to us! We are really getting into engineering and creating things so I would probably buy some of the stem engineering sets but that magnetic set looks neat too. Lovely blog and giveaway ????

  2. Definitely have my eye on the letter dough stampers! Play doh has become a huge hit recently!

  3. My son is DYING for the alphabots!! They have a set at his preschool but they only make an appearance every few weeks and he talks about them non-stop! What a cool way to incorporate fun with learning! PS…love following your IG page!! One of my faves!

  4. So many great choices. When I saw the Indoor/Outdoor Kids’ Croquet it instantly brought me back to my own childhood and the fun we had playing it. I would love to have one like this.

    1. Hi Annette! You are the winner of this month’s giveaway! Be on the lookout for an e-mail containing your gift code this week 🙂

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