Are you teaching a unit on the Rain Forest?

What animals will you be including in your unit? Snakes? Toucans? Tigers? The variety of life that the rainforest holds is astounding! But don’t forget that it’s not just animal life we can study. The plants of the rainforest are equally intriguing!

Here are a few books to spark your child’s interest in the captivating wonders of the rainforest:

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A is for Anaconda

by Anthony D. Fredericks

Alphabet books hold a special place in our heart. This A is for Anaconda book is a fantastic look at the rainforest from A-Z!

Rain, Rain, Rain Forest

by Brenda Z. Guiberson

A book full of facts and onomatopoeia! This Rainforest book would be great for elementary aged kids.

Here is the Rain Forest

by Madeline Dunphy

This one is a winner!¬†Named an “Outstanding Science Trade Book for Children” by the National Science Teachers Association it has wonderful text and fabulous illustrations <3

A Rain Forest Habitat

by Bobbie Kalman

We’re Roaming in the Rainforest

by Laurie Krebs

This charming book lends itself well to the preschool crowd.

The Rainforest Grew All Around

by Susan K Mitchell

The rich illustrations make this one of my favorites on the list! Listen to this one for FREE with an Audible trial!

Who is the Beast?

by Keith Baker

I fell in love with Keith Baker books after we read Hide and Snake! This is definitely one we are adding to our must-read list (actually, all his books are on the list <3)

The Umbrella

by Jan Brett

If you love the book The Mitten, then this book is going to be right up your alley!

The Great Kapok Tree

by Lynne Cherry

A Reading Rainbow Book and absolute classic!

Do you have any more books we should add to the list?