How many baby toys do you have?

We don’t have many. As a matter of fact, all the baby toys we own fit neatly inside a soft bucket in our living room. Baby happily spills it out and fills it up over over and over allll day long. He’s a happy baby who loves simple games like that (as do most babies. Blinking lights and flashy toys are really not necessary!)

But sometimes mama just wants to get crafty and make a new toy for baby. I did that today with a grocery store bouquet of flowers and some upcycled baby food containers!

How to Make Baby Nature Blocks

First off, this is going to be the easiest toy to make! I barely need to make a”how to” section on this post. But I know how much some of you like details, so here goes:


Flowers (I used a grocery store bouquet)

Baby food containers (Gerbers plastic ones work well)

After the food containers were empty and had been washed, I just placed a few flowers and leaves inside of them and snapped the lid back on. That’s it. The hardest part of this whole activity is having flowers on hand.

The next step was introducing them to baby. He was soooo happy! He knocked over every tower I made, threw them across his mat, investigated them from all angles, banged them together, etc.

These blocks are so inviting! The way the light shone through them, the vibrant colors of the flowers, and the way the petals gently swished as he shook them made them extra intriguing for our little guy <3

I know some of you will ask how long these blocks keep for. The truth is I don’t know. We just made them yesterday, so I’ll test them out and update you all later.

Will you try making them for your little? Share a picture with me on Instagram!

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