Do your kids love magnetic tiles?

Ever since we bought our Magna-Tiles, they have been one of the most used toys in our house. They get played will all the time and in all different ways!

If you aren’t familiar with Magna-Tiles (also sold as Picasso Tiles and Magformers), they are plastic, translucent shapes that are lined with extremely strong magnets. They allow kids to build creative structures by aligning the magnets together. But as we all learned in preschool, magnets can stick to a variety of metal surfaces! That’s what makes this building toy extra-special.

I’ve collected 10 of my favorite ways to use Magnetic Tiles all around your home.

Magna-Tiles on the Door

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I love using our front door as a board for magnetic tile building! You can give kids a prompt (make me a robot at the door!), or just let them build whatever is on their mind.

Magnetic Tiles on the Window

Olivia of A Crafty Living managed to capture a gorgeous shot of how Magna-Tiles look as the sunlight glows through them! (also be sure to check out the rest of Olivia’s Instagram feed, you won’t be disappointed!)

Magna-Tiles on a Drip pan

The magnetic tiles hack you need to know about! (this is great! my kids love playing with Magna Tiles!)

This Magnetic Tiles hack is one of my favorites! Read more about it here!

Magnetic Tiles in the Snow

Use magnetic tiles (like Magna Tiles or Picasso Tiles) to build

This idea came about after we had a few blizzards and were stuck indoors. You have to see the clever and imaginative name we came up with for it!

Magna-Tiles on a Light Table

I wish we had a light table! They look like a fabulous way to play in the dark <3 Katie at Happily Ever Mom came up with a great way to combine their magnetic tiles with a light table!

Magnetic Tiles on the Refrigerator

…and two other creative ways to use them in your house! Jean at the Artful Parents came up with a few more ways to use Magnetic Tiles that you’ll want to keep in your bag of tricks for these handy little toys!

Magna-Tiles on the Garage Door

I don’t know how I didn’t already think of this one! I can guarantee all the kids playing outside will be drawn to this creative invitation to play!

Combined with a Magna-Doodle

This is borderline genius. I never would have thought to combine these two magnetic toys together! (you’ll want to visit Dyan at And Next Comes L, she has TONS of creative Magna-Tile play ideas you don’t want to miss!)

On Metal Furniture

Another creative way to build that I would have never thought of!


Think of all the places Magna-Tiles can be enjoyed outdoors…on a metal mailbox, rain gutters, glass patio doors similar to those you can find on websites such as, furniture, aluminum siding to add a bit of colors to it, metal gates/fences, etc!

* Bonus Idea*

Use them to explore color mixing! Sometimes you don’t even need to stick them onto anything for this creative idea from Days With Grey!

What other ideas do you have? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or tag me in a photo on Instagram!

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  1. I think if you have something to do in the garage, these tiles are a great way to keep your kids busy. They are so pretty. Have a wonderful idea.

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