As we move into the fall season, we’re seeing more of a variety in our weather than we saw over summer. There’s a bit more rain, and definitely more wind, yet sunshine is still abundant! All you need to do at the start of each day is check your weather app (Click here to see a variety), to see what the weather is doing that day and try to plan accordingly. Fall is a great season! In some places, it’s the last bit of nice weather before snow arrives in the winter. While we don’t get snow here, I thought it was an important weather feature to include in this activity anyways! My three year old LOVED experiencing and creating the weather in this activity!

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I set up the tray with Little People and invited my son to cover the scene with cotton ball “snow.” We talked about how when a lot of snow falls it is called a “snowstorm.” He happily created a snowstorm for these little people!

snow-1He excitedly buried unsuspecting Little People in snow, then called on the fireman to help get them out! If I had known cotton balls and Little People were this exciting, I would have offered this as an activity a long time ago!

While he was having a great time just with these supplies, my goal was to get some more instruction on weather in, so we talked about wind and how it can blow snow into large mounds. That was taken as a challenge and he was showing me how he could blow like the wind!


Next was the best activity of all, making rain! We used our bath toy to rain down on on the people and snow in our tray!


Activity extension idea: Discuss which (if any) of the Little People are appropriately dressed for the weather situation. For example, the people wearing cots and hats might be better prepared for rain than the girl with sunglasses. Ask what other clothes are necessary for each weather scenario.

Weather sensory bin for preschoolers

Adding a few drops of food coloring to the water made it more interesting as we could see how saturated the cotton balls were. Squeezing the cotton balls and sloshing around the water was hands down the best part of this sensory activity! We even got a straw and blew wind into the water to see what would happen!

wind-2After our informal weather lesson, I just let my son continue to play and explore this tray as a sensory experience. This will definitely be a repeat activity, he loved it!


What other weather phenomenon would you add to this experience? Lave me a comment below! And don’t forget to pin this for later!

Weather Sensory Activity for preschoolers

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