Shapes in my Neighborhood photo book

OK, this activity was fun to put together! My kids like to take walks and point things out in our neighborhood- cars, RV’s, street signs, etc. So when I saw that the Early Childhood Education Team wanted to write posts around the theme “My Neighborhood,” this project was the perfect fit for us!

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During a walk, I snapped a few pictures around the neighborhood of things my boys were familiar with: the park, stop sign, houses, the mountains, etc. (You can develop the photos at Shutterfly. Get 50 FREE prints here). Once I developed the photos, all I did was laminate them and add a book ring to make them into a simple book. My kids thought this book was crazy cool, by the way- they wanted to “read” it over and over again!

Inspired by the Leapfrog: Shapes in the Park cartoon, I gave my boys a dry erase marker and we went on a shape hunt in our photo book!


We found shapes hiding everywhere! It was so fun to see my three year old light up every time he spotted another one!


The stop sign was simple for him to identify as an octagon. We compared it with our puzzle shape and saw it was nearly the same size!

We also used dry erase markers to trace the shapes we found. The marker erases easily from the laminated surface so this activity can be done again and again šŸ™‚


Ways to extend the activity: Count the number of shapes you find in each photo.

This activity was so much fun that I can’t wait to make another photo book featuring more pictures from around our city! Places like the library, post office, and our church building would be awesome photos to include in our next book!

Shapes in our neighborhood preschool photo book

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    1. It is SO fun to make the book! You’ll have to share the results with me if you get around to it!

  1. This is such a great idea for a preschool or Kinder class, each child could take 1 photo. Thanks for the inspiration!

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