Take preschoolers on a shape hunt using these fun DIY I Spy magnifying glasses!








“I spy, with my little eye, a triangle!”

Have you played I Spy with your kids to find shapes in their environment? I Spy is a great preschool game that takes zero supplies and keeps kids happily entertained for a while! And while the classic version of the game is wonderful, I wanted to come up with a fun prop to be used in our I Spy Shapes game, so I made these fun spy glasses that added an extra element of fun for the kids!


Supplies to make I Spy Shape Glasses:

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There were a few steps to make the glasses, but I promise it’s nothing too difficult!

  1. Make a magnifying glass template on cardboard or card stock (I drew it free hand). Trace and cut as many magnifying glasses as you wish to use on black card stock.
  2. Cut a circle out for the spy glass portion.
  3. Using the circle as a template, trace several circles onto a Ziplock bag- these will form the “glass” portion of the magnifying glasses (make sure to cut the ziplock circle outside of the line you just drew. It will need to be larger than the stencil so it can be adhered to the magnifying glass later).
  4. Adhere the ziplock circles onto your spy glasses! I used my new favorite crafting tool, Xyron Mega Runner, because it doesn’t get runny (like school glue) or hot (like a glue gun).


That’s all there is to making the I Spy magnifying glasses! I set them up for my kids and we got to investigating and finding shapes all around us 🙂 (note: these don’t really magnify. The Ziplock plastic circles are just clear enough to see shapes and colors through, which is perfect for this activity!)


My Four year old immediately found a heart in our artwork! It was even the same color (total coincidence!)

Take preschoolers on a shoe hunt using these fun DIY I Spy magnifying glasses!

Then my three year old and I started by looking for circles around us. The first ones we saw were right at our feet 🙂


We also realized we have a whole lot of square books. We had a harder time finding ovals and triangles, which could bring up an interesting investigation on why we don’t see these shapes as frequently around us.

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Would your kids be able to spy all the shapes in your house? How would they like using these magnifying glasses as part of their I Spy Shape Hunt?

Take preschoolers on a shoe hunt using these fun DIY I Spy magnifying glasses!

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