Bring on the rainbows!

We have had a long winter. Mostly because it’s our first winter living in the snow (California –> North Dakota). The days are far less sunny than I’m used to, not to mention much, much colder. I am anxiously awaiting the end of winter and the beginning of spring- bring on the sunshine and rainbows!

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Unfortunately, from what I hear, we won’t be getting rainbows or spring-like temperatures for another couple months. Boo. In the meantime We’ll have to enjoy rainbows through books, art, and play activities 🙂 One of our newest books is My Color Is Rainbow by Agnes Hsu.

We love this story about Little Arch, who tries to find who he is in a world of colorful characters! And the illustrations are absolute gorgeous! We will have to plan an art activity around the beautiful pictures later this week. As for today, we needed to get some energy out so we did a gross motor activity…

Rainbow Hop Preschool Activity

Make a gross motor rainbow game for preschoolers

After reading the book, we used used stepping domes (these are the same ones as from our Name Recognition Hop), and we set up an arched rainbow pattern for this activity.

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My boys hopped on each dome while singing the colors of the rainbow. This was a great gross motor activity when they needed to get some energy out (but it was too cold to go outside to do so)!

Balancing on stepping stones and singing at the same time was actually a bit of a challenge to my kiddos! Doing just one of those activities (singing the rainbow song or hopping on the stepping stones), is relatively simple for them. But because they are still developing automaticity with those skills (meaning they still have to THINK and plan before speaking/hopping), they naturally take longer to complete the two activities simultaneously. If your kids can accomplish this task with ease, you may want to modify the activity to be more challenging.

Variations for this activity:

  • Learn the colors in a different language!
  • Alternate hopping over/on the stepping domes
  • Make a rainbow obstacle course

And don’t forget this can easily be turned into a name recognition activity like we did here!

Watch the activity on YouTube:

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Make a gross motor rainbow game for preschoolers

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  1. what an amazing activity it is…your all activities are always have some positive aspects in it…this activity is good for brain strengthening,learning new term to children and is definitely refreshes the all participants..I will definitely try it in my school for kids too.

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