How to do a color run with a baby and toddler!

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When my husband and I talked about having kids, we made the decision that our kids would join us on our favorite outings, even when they were very young (like in their first year of life). Museums, vacations out of state, and on any other adventures we could conjure up. We planned to bring our kids along and enjoy special trips as a family…Well four years and several kids later we learned a thing or two about taking kids (particularly toddlers and infants) on these adventures! One of my favorite memories was when we participated in a 5k Color Run with a 9 month old and 18 month old!

Participating in a 5k Color Run with Kids


I like to do research- I look up everything from the best places to travel with kids to the safest baby wipes for my little munchkins. So naturally, when we signed up for a color run I researched like crazy. Could this even be done with an infant and toddler?!? Turns out the color powders are food grade and safe, so there were no big concerns about the safety. Once I found out it could be done, I signed our whole little family of four up for the fun!

What to Bring to a Color Run

Here are some supplies we found useful for participating in our first 5k Color run:

  • WaterWipes (at 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, these are safe and a necessity for cleaning up!)
  • A comfortable baby carrier for infants
  • Stroller or wagon for toddlers
  • Snacks
  • Plenty of water
  • A camera to capture the memories!
  • Sunscreen
  • A towel to sit on in the car when the run is over (and/or a change of clothes!)


What to expect at a Color Run

Expect to get MESSY! The colors are washable, though, so no need to worry about staining clothes. Bring a stroller (such as this best travel stroller) for kids who may get tired of walking, and a carrier for infants. Alternatively, you could purchase a travel system, which is a stroller/car seat combo, so that after your run you can efficently you can just transfer them right into the car. have many reviews of these systems on their site. If you aren’t sure which carrier is right for you, there are a lot of guides online that tell you which sling wrap you should be using while out and about.

How to do a color run with a baby and toddler!

You should also know that the volunteers who throw colors are very courteous- when they see young kids coming through they aim the powder low to avoid contact with eyes and mouths (you’ll still want those WaterWipes handy for cleaning little hands, though! WaterWipes are durable and effective for both big and small messes!)

How to do a color run with a baby and toddler!

Lastly, expect to have fun and make GREAT memories together as a family! For kids, a color run is as close to running through a rainbow as possible. The colors are glorious and they just love the messy component!

How to do a color run with a baby and toddler!

Enjoying the First Years of Motherhood with Confidence

As a new mom, I didn’t want to spend my kids’ first years of life feeling trapped in our house- I wanted to get out and have my munchkins to be a part of our adventures! I took my kids out to museum visits, library trips, airplane rides, and even a 5k Color Run because those things were important to me. I wanted to share those experiences with my kids- no matter how young they were.

The first year of motherhood could be confusing- knowing what your kids can and can’t do, knowing what’s safe and what’s not. One thing I’m thankful for is WaterWipes and knowing without a doubt that they are pure and safe for my kids!

I hope you travel through your first year of motherhood with confidence and strength. And tell me, are you ready (and confident) enough to handle a 5k Color Run with your little ones? Share your pictures of your confident mommy moments with me on Instagram!

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How to do a color run with a baby and toddler!

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  1. Im participating in the color run this weekend with my infant and we are just placing her in her jogging stroller and placing a rain weather shield over the stroller to protect her from the color dust. Probably better than risking her inhaling it.

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