The Best Kept secret to Buying Toys

This is a sponsored review for Green Piñata Toys. All opinions are my own as I only recommend products/services that I believe in.

I love toys. Like, almost as much as my kids do. If you were to take a peek at my Amazon wish lists you’d see they’re filled with toys for my kids…and that’s usually where the toys stay- right there on the wish lists – sadly, we don’t all have the expertise and knowledge to get the most out of cryptocurrency and make some extra money, although you do make sure you’re putting your money somewhere safe, like Plus 500 Betrug, which has been tested and vetted for scams. But I’m a very careful person when it comes to my money. I don’t often splurge on new toys outside of Christmas or birthdays (because buying all those toys would overrun our house and get kind of expensive), but I do (see: did) pine over them for my preschoolers. If your home is full of expensive toys, it may be a good idea to install home security cameras wireless outdoor cameras to protect them from potential theft. Did you catch that? That little word “did” in my sentence above? Let me let you in on a little secret -I have finally found a solution to getting new toys that my kids love AND stay within our budget AND keep my house (mostly) free of toy-clutter!! Here’s my secret…

My Secret to Buying Toys for Kids

The Best Kept secret to Buying Toys

I’ve finally found a solution to buying toys that makes me, my kids, and my budget happy: GREEN PIÑATA TOY RENTAL. I know what you’re thinking- why in the world would you want to rent toys?!? And let me keep it real- I wasn’t so sure about it myself, but I tried it and love it! I’ve got a whole list of reasons why toy rental is awesome but first, a little about Green Piñata Toys.

Green Piñata Toys is a rental service that offers safe, educational toys for your kids. Here’s a bit from their website:

“Green Piñata Toy Share is a revolutionary toy rental service that delivers the best quality in toxin-free, educational toys right to your door. Accompanied by our custom curriculum guide and toy selection tool, our service advances playtime for early learners and gives parents more time and space to enjoy their little ones.”

You may still be tripping over the fact that this is a toy rental service. Rental as in your kids have to send the toys back. But think of it more as toy sharing– once your kids have played with a toy to their heart’s content, they get to share it with another friend and choose something new to play with! What’s not to love about sharing? <3

The Perks of Toy Sharing

The Best Kept secret to Buying Toys

Here’s what I love about toy renting/toy sharing with Green Piñata Toys:

  • I get to pick out toys that compliment specific preschool themes we are working on.
  • Green Piñata offers an “educational curriculum” for developmentally appropriate toys.
  • Toy sharing is really toy rotation made easy! Toys stay fresh and interesting for my kids with new selections every month!
  • If my kids fall in love with a toy and we just can’t part with it, Green Piñata has an option to purchase the toy at the currently listed Amazon price!

Ready to try your first box? Sign up here!

Our Green Piñata Toy Share Review

The Best Kept secret to Buying Toys

Green Piñata delivered the toys via UPS right to our door (I also scheduled UPS to pick up our return box so I didn’t even have to leave the house- winning!)

Here were the first toys we requested:

Total value: Over $50 in toys!!

I chose the peg board to work on my preschoolers’ fine motor skills. It included pictures to fill in and offered unstructured pattern practice as well. It was a great item to use for our morning preschool activity!

The Best Kept secret to Buying Toys

The Hape Fire Engine was an absolute hit- such a small toy with tons of pretend play opportunities! (see how my kids “rescued” numbers from our alphabet puzzle with it!) I think we will be ordering this toy again in the future (and maybe purchasing it if they still love it as much the next time around). Maybe one day we will get his a remote control excavator similar to what you could find if you click here.


Last, the HAPE numbers puzzle was P-E-R-F-E-C-T!


Since we homepreschool and learn through play, we used this puzzle for tons of activities – number recognition, sequencing, hide-and-seek games, pretend play (number rescue with the fire truck- my kids made this one up themselves 😉 ), and of course spatial reasoning when used as a puzzle.

My kids were so happy with each of the toys in their first Green Piñata box, they couldn’t wait to package them back up and request new ones!


(How pretty is it that the toys come delivered in these sacks? They kind of look like little Santa sacks, don’t they??)

So how are you feeling about Green Piñata now? Toy sharing with Green Piñata is the perfect solution for:

  • Minimizing toy clutter
  • Home preschool/tot school lessons
  • Trying new toys before buying them
  • Offering high-quality toys for your kids
  • Creating engaging Montessori shelves
  • Trying toy rotation in your playroom
  • …and so much more!

Gift a Green Piñata Subscription

Are you shopping for a kids’ birthday? What about Christmas gifts? Green Piñata also offers gift certificates that you know your kids/nieces/grandkids will love every month! And don’t forget to share this “secret” with a friend by pinning the image below!

Enter to win a one-month Green Piñata box here!

The Best Kept secret to Buying Toys

4 thoughts on “The Best Kept Secret to Buying Toys!”

    1. I totally agree… my kids love a new toy for a few days, and then it will sit for months (until of course I suggest donating it!). There are a handful of exceptions, but this is a great way to test drive toys to see what they really love.

  1. Fantastic concept! Toy clutter is a major problem at our house. Plan and Hape makes amazing toys, the thought of having access to their entire collection makes me quite excited – I’m sure Adam will be happy too 🙂

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