The beauty of a letterpressed invitation or card is something I admire. I love running my fingers along the indentations of each letter and admiring the depth and beauty it adds to the occasion it is announcing. Letterpress adds  an element of formality and class that can’t be replicated with modern printing techniques.

That being said, today I came up with a way to add an element of “fun” to the art of letterpress 🙂

Ok- so it isn’t a fancy invitation, but who says letterpress has to be stuck to paper anyways? 😉
This idea originated from the Painted Toast snack/art project I did with Cannon a few months ago. I actually planned to do painted toast with him again today when I remembered I just bought some gel food coloring. My mind started going in all sorts of directions wondering how I could use this new medium with the toast.
I can’t tell you how I arrived with this idea, but somehow my  brain came up with using my Educational Insights alphabet stamps, food coloring as ink, and bread as “paper” to make a fun letterpress project (and snack!)
Just like vintage letterpressing, the stamping did not come out “perfect”. There is some color bleeding and stamp edges that are all visible on the bread. But really, it adds a bit o character to the snack, don’t you think? 😉
This was such a fun, simple activity to put together. I had a great time spelling words out for a few of our meals today! Cannon doesn’t have the fine motor ability to perform this task on his own yet, but I’m sure older kids would love helping stamp the letters into the bread!
Steps to making Letterpress Toast:
1. Using a rolling pin, roll the bread as flat as possible
2. Prepare your “ink” by thinly spreading the food coloring gels that you plan to use

3. Lightly dip the stamps in the ink to just cover the letter

4. Press the letters firmly onto the bread
5. Cut the letters using a pizza cutter. At this point I also toasted the letters in the broiler of my oven. This step is completely optional though.
6. Decorate your plates and eat!

My son didn’t want to close his eyes during prayer because he was too busy eyeing the letters!

Isn’t that a fun way to present snacks and meals?!? Let me know if you try it out and how your kids respond to the letters in the comments below 🙂


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