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I WISH we had an extra room that we could dedicate to homeschooling. Unfortunately, we don’t. I did look into these metal buildings for sale near me that we could put in the garden and convert into a homeschooling space, but I just haven’t found the time to do that. What that means is I have to get creative with space that we do have. I made the most of all the usual tricks when it comes to creating the illusion of more space in a home, like sticking to a neutral colour scheme and not creating a cluttered, busy space, with the help of things like a sedie trasparenti and other transparent furniture. I also used mirrors and plenty of light sources to open up the space. I’ve spread out our homeschooling areas to a couple small areas in our home. Lucky there are things like whiteboard wallpaper that help to make life easier, but I like to think of these small spaces as “learning nooks” (or even learning corners). I’d love to give you a quick tour of what our homeshool nooks look like!

This is our main learning space. We have an open floor plan downstairs and this spot is sitting directly behind the dining room table (seriously, if I would have moved the camera just an inch to the left, you’d see our table). Since I am working in a tight spot, I chose to keep furniture white and and bright 🙂 Here’s some of the things you see in this spot:

The top drawers of the cabinet stores supplies I want to focus on for the week (in this case we also kept a small sensory bin in one). These are changed weekly to keep the environment interesting 🙂

*Update* We had to use this cabinet for storage in another room, so this homeschool pace has seen some changes! See the transformation here!

On the right of the cabinet is a basket with all of our animal figurines. These are one of my favorite home preschool supplies! They’re kept out all the time 🙂

That sums up our main learning nook. Here’s just a couple more:

This is the living room nook. It consists of our art wall, alphabet chart, and the reading corner.
Love that big ABC chart!
We also have a small play nook under the stairs where the boys’ toys are stored. Since it’s mostly a play area, I didn’t include it in this tour. Other learning spaces in our house include the side of the refrigerator with these leapfrog magnets, gear magnets, and even Magna-Tiles! A metal door also makes a great place to use these!
Since we are small on usable space, I don’t put all our learning supplies (games, art supplies, manipulatives, etc.) out at the same time. They are stored in closets, behind cabinets, and in the garage. Our garage used to be a bit of a mess however I have just ordered a garage floor online to try and make it look a little better in there. I found some diamond tiles that would look amazing! I would like to have more space in the house so I’m currently considering getting a house extension however that won’t be happening for a while. Once the garage has been properly tidied, I’ll be able to store a tonne of home-school supplies in there. This saves us tons of usable space inside the house. Other great small space supplies include a rolling cart like this one, A small sling bookshelf like this (we have one in the boys’ room), and our 3 way table top easel. It’ great for art and displaying posters/books!
And that concludes our homeschool spaces tour! There’s not a lot to it, but it’s simplicity works to our advantage as we are able to keep things new by rotating supplies in the main schooling area. Are you schooling in a small space? Please share your tips with me below!
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  1. Awesome!!! i really appreciate designing homeschool space for your children. You have presented in a beautiful way with all the images. If the environment is quite good then that generates an interest in children to read. I loved your ideas they are really awesome.

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