Who else plans on sitting at the kids’ table during the big game today?

Just me? I’m cool with that. I am NOT a football fan. I would much rather be sitting with the kid doing arts and crafts than watching the game.

Today I was struck with some very last-minute inspiration when I saw the cardboard box that the Gatorade’s were sitting in at the grocery store. It was the perfect box for marble art. And today was the perfect day for some painting!

Supplies for Football Art Activity

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Shallow box or shoebox lid

Brown paint


Green construction paper

White crayon

Popsicle sticks


How to put it together

Ok, I admit the supply list is much longer than my usual activities, but they are pretty basic supplies. I mean, I’m doing this on Super Bowl Sunday and didn’t need to get any extra supplies from the store. You’ve got this.

I drew white lines down two green pieces of paper. You can mark them with official looking field markings, but that was too much work for me 😉

Then I taped the papers to the box and added some brown paint and a marble.

Last I made some goalposts with popsicle sticks and glued them in the box.

That’s it. Activity prep done and ready to go!

How to Paint

This is one of the easiest art activities! It’s called Marble Art. The way to paint is by shaking up the box so the marble drags paint across the paper. Easy peasy fun!

This can be a two person activity by having one person hold each end of the box and working together to get the paint across the field.

Or it can be a solo activity by having one child hold the box and shaking it up themselves!

Isn’t that fun?!? Once the paint dries kids can hang their picture on the fridge with pride… and probably make another one because it’s just so easy and addicting to make art this way 😉