Why hello there little Swingline!

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See that pretty red Swingline? That was a special request from my son. He has been asking for a stapler for age (the things my kids ask for 😉 ) I was a little bit hesitant because when I was younger I actually stapled my finger #ouch (it really wasn’t that bad).

Anyways, I saw this pretty red thing on Amazon and knew it was meant for us.

But holy moly, my boys were stapling ALL. THE. THINGS. (not fingers, though).

I realized we needed an intervention. I needed to give my kids a “yes zone” for testing out their new art supply so they could then start using it effectively (and not in the middle of 17 pages to make a “book”).

I made a Stapling Tray (inspired by our rotating Cutting Trays). The idea of this tray was to give my kids a Yes Zone where they could staple to their hearts content (or until the staples run out).

I know what some of you are thinking, though…

Why Introduce Preschoolers to a Stapler?

My answer: because it motivates them to work on gross motor skills, create/write their own books, and inspire creativity.

Is it necessary to have a stapler available to preschoolers? Not at all. But I love having different materials available to encourage my kids to create. I see a stapler as a tool that they would appreciate and encourage their daily self-directed art and writing projects.

Get a safe “Staple-less Stapler” Here!

Fun things to include in a Stapling Tray

  • Foam craft paper
  • Lined paper
  • Scrap paper
  • Old artwork
  • Newspaper/coupons/old bills
  • Colorful construction paper

You can encourage your kids to test different things as well:

  • Use one palm to push the stapler down. Use two palms. Which was is easier?
  • How many papers can the stapler staple? What’s it’s limit?
  • Where is the best place to staple papers to make a book?

I’m excited to see what new projects my kids are inspired to create using this new art and writing center tool!

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