Finger Hopscotch- What a fun way for preschoolers to play, count, and practice fine motor skills!

Hopscotch is a great activity for building gross motor skills, counting, and summer fun! As I thought about the game, I wondered how I could adjust it to work on fine motor skills since that is something we are always trying to improve. While my boys can kick, jump, bend, and run with ease, they have the hardest time isolating their fingers to show two, three, or even just one individual finger! That’s when I brainstormed and came up with this easy (indoor) version of hopscotch to work on those skills while still having fun 🙂

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We did this activity a couple different ways. First, we just played hopscotch with our fingers and counted the squares as we went along. I have to admit the finger isolation and quick switch from one to two fingers was a bit of a challenge for my boys! Nothing they weren’t up to, but definitely something we are working on 🙂
Next, I introduced the glass gem. We used it as a rock would normally be used in hopscotch. This was a good way to practice number recognition as they identified the number covered by the gem!
We tried skipping the number that the gem was on, but that was a bit above their development level (however, it’s a great way to get older preschoolers to practice early skip counting! ). Another early math skill we worked on was 1:1 correspondence as they “jumped” on each number square to count it.
 This is the kind of worksheet that I don’t mind offering my preschooler and toddler because it’s fun and works on specific skills (fine motor, finger isolation, number recognition, 1:1 correspondence, and counting). I’ll be printing a few of these so we can work on it more before the summer is over. Are you printing multiples? Don’t forget to pin this page so you can get back to it later!

Get the free printable here!

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