Are you ready to participate in #bookfacefriday? Start with some of these books!
Are you ready to start bookfacing?!?

Before we go any further, do you know what bookfacing is? Are you familiar with #bookfacefriday on Instagram? If not, pause for a minute and hop over to this post where I introduce what #bookfacefriday is all about πŸ™‚

Now that you’re all caught up, we can get started finding the prefect book for your book faces!

What is this new trend that is taking over Instagram? Learn more about #BookfaceFriday and what it's all about here!

I’m sharing Kid Lit (kid literature) books because that’s my area of interest, but feel free to use any book and participate on Fridays πŸ™‚ Search the hashtag #bookfacefriday on Instagram for inspiration!

After following the hashtag for several months, I can tell you there are some components that make for successful bookfaces:

  1. Capture the face at just the right angleΒ Line up shoulders/arms/appendages at the right angles. You’ll also want to pay attention to scale and line up the distance of the book and subject so it is accurate. This sometimes takes a third person’s assistance (a subject, a photographer, and someone holding the book).
  2. Recreate the background of the book in your photograph This one tricky and not always possible, but if you can nail this, you’ll nail an awesome bookface!
  3. Try matching the clothing of the subject Again, this may take some more planning, but it makes the whole experience fun when you get this as close as possible.

Ready to find the perfect book to start bookfacing? (finding the right book is 90% of the struggle!) Here are some of my picks to get you started:

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A Moment in Time

This is a great starter book! Elements to nail: line up the chin, hands, and hair. You can have the subject use their right hand to hold the book for a 3D effect of the hand coming out f the book!

It’s Winter!

This one may look simple, but there are several elements to line up just right: two legs, a foot, and the arm. If you can get those just right, this will make a good bookface. Extra credit points for color matching the clothes (and home run if you get it outside on a snowy day!!)

Soup Day

This one is great for starters too. Line up the top of the head, shoulders (pink shirt for bonus points), and a bowl of soup. Winner winner chicken (soup) dinner!

My Dad Used to be so Cool

I really want to find this book at our library and go for this bookface! Elements to nail: dad’s legs, dad’s head, and child sitting on shoulders. Seems easy enough. If you do this one let me know- I’d love to see it!

A Fly Went By

This is one of the easiest books to start with. all you need to line up is a body with a red shirt. If you can get it outside on a blue-skied day, even better πŸ™‚

When it Snows

This one doesn’t seem that difficult…line up a child with a brown coat and maybe the beanie. I think this could make a good beginner bookface as well.

Emi’s Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair

Got a kiddo and a pink shirt? Go for this bookface! Line up elbow and waist and you’re done!

Just One More

You’ll need to have an ice cream cone for this one, but I’m pretty sure every kid you know would volunteer for this bookface (As long as they get an ice cream treat for the help) πŸ˜‰

What’s that Noise?

This one was fun for us to do. Just took a red shirt and a door! My kids always taught at the picture results when we’re through!

Hands are not for Hitting

This is a great book for preschoolers to have around…and it happens to make a great bookface too. Love it!


The completes our list for some great #bookfacefriday picks! Don’t forget, you can also use the inside of books (like we did in this bookface), create animal book faces (line up your feet with duck feet with this book) , or even landscape ones! In the spirit of bookfacing, these all work just as well. Now show me your book faces on Instagram!

Are you ready to participate in #bookfacefriday? Start with some of these books!

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