Is it soup day yet?!?!

My favorite soup is baked potato soup- it’s soooo creamy and delicious! Add some Homemade, Easy-peasy Four Ingredient French Bread with it and I’m in HEAVEN.

The idea for this book list actually came to me right in the middle of a soup craving. I was thinking, “man I wish someone would make me some soup” (because I’m not a big fan of cooking), and then I thought how well a good book would be to go with it. A couple soup books immediately came to mind, but I just had to do some research and find more (because I’d much rather “research” on Amazon than cook 😉 ) So for all you soup fans, here’s a hearty list of children’s books you can read to go with your soup days:

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Duck Soup

by Jackie Urbanovic

I’m looking forward to reading this one!

Sopa de Frijoles

by Jorge Argueta

As both a Mexican and vegetarian, this one is necessary. Beans are my thang!

Seaweed Soup

by Stuart J. Murphy

I love that this book incorporates math skills!

Soup Day

by Melissa Iwai

This one is perfect for talking about the process of making soup. (The cover would also make a great Book Face Friday picture!)

Christmas Soup

by Alice Faye Duncan

A heartwarming book that’s great to read at Christmas!

Mr. Putter and Tabby Stir the Soup

by Cynthia Rylant

A great small chapter book for ner readers!

Alphabet Soup

by Kate Banks

I’ve never read this one, but it should be good with a warm bowl of alphabet soup!

Chicken Soup with Rice

by Maurice Sendek

This tiny book is filled with good rhymes and great soups! Author Maurice Sendek (author of Where the Wild Things Are) does not disappoint!

Watch Out for Chicken Feet in Your Soup

by Tomie De Paola

Heartwarming book from the author of Strega Nona!


by Phillis and David Gershator

A new book to me, but looks like a lively and fun read!

Cactus Soup

by Eric. A Kimmel

This Spanish version of the classic Stone Soup tale is just right!

Bone Button Borscht

by Aubrey Davis

Another retelling of Stone Soup, this version looks good!

Bone Soup

by Cambria Evans

I love all the versions of Stone Soup in this list! This one has a Halloween twist!

Bravery Soup

by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

We all need a dose of bravery every now and then. This soup should do the trick!

Dumpling Soup

By Jama Kim Rattigan

A beautifully written book featuring a multi-cultural family. There’s a recipe to try at the back of the book, too!

Mouse Soup

by Arnold Lobel

A very charming I Can Read book featuring soup!

Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen

by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan

Growing Vegetable Soup

by Lois Ehlert

We read this book with our home preschool group and made the soup from the recipe at the back of the book. Loved it!

Stone Soup

by Jon M Muth

This classic was the first that came to mind when thinking about soup books.

Pumpkin Soup

by Helen Cooper

A classic fall read, this book also includes a recipe at the end!

Looking for dessert to go with these yummy books? You’ve GOT to read this book!

This book makeg big concepts (like trustworthiness, greed, generosity, etc.) easier for littles to grasp!

And that completes our guide! What will be your book du jour?