When you live in the middle of nowhere, you tend to drive A LOT

Even a trip to Walmart takes an hour and can be a dangerous adventure (temps of thirty degrees below zero and icy roads make it a life-or-death situation!)

You know what else makes it a life or death situation, though? Traveling long distances with kids. They swear that we are torturing them by making them do long trips with no electronic devices. And for the record that are only 4 and 5 years old.

So what do we keep in the backseat for those long drives? Here’s a list of things we have a few things that have been recommended to us:

Small I  Spy Books 

We have a few different versions of these books. They are small and make the perfect backseat entertainment!

Magnetic Games

We don’t have any of these yet, but a few mamas on Instagram recommended them to us. Have your kids tried them before? Were they a hit or miss?

Water Wow Books

I have been told to get these over and over and over again. I was supposed to add them into the boys’ stockings this year, but totally forgot. Maybe they’ll end up in Easter baskets instead!

Little Dover Books

I totally love allllll the different Little Dover Books available! I stash a few in my purse for restaurant entertainment, too.

Find It Games

Another fun I Spy activity for the backseat wee ones.

Scavenger Hunt Cards

The classic backseat activity in card form.

Small Clip Board and Paper

Simple and entertaining for my kids!


A must for long or short drives. My kids love having their binoculars handy when we drive!

Chewy Necklace

My oldest son suffers from anxiety and sensory processing disorder. He has a tendency to chew on his clothes, so this chewy alternative is a requirement for him!

Lego Suitcase

This could be tricky while driving, but it makes a super fun activity during pit stops and hotel stays!


What are your kids’ must-have items for backseat entertainment?

2 thoughts on “The Best Road Trip Activities for Kids!”

  1. I wish I read this article last summer when we spent days in the car with 2 little girls…
    One thing that keeps my kids busy is catalogs… whatever we get in the mail we keep in the car… keeps them very busy…

    1. Oh we’ve got plenty of those!! I’ll be sure to add some to out travel kit next time 🙂

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