Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

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My four-year-old is in this stage where he wants everything to turn into a maze (sometimes called a ninja course- depending on his mood). The crossword puzzle in the newspaper? Nope. It’s a maze. Sea of toys strewn all over his floor? It’s actually a toy maze (obviously…) Pillows thrown all over the living room? Of course, that’s a lava and rock maze! I’ve got to admit- he gets pretty creative with it sometimes! I wonder if he’ll be the same like this when he’s a lot older? Maybe, he won’t like mazes as much and might prefer something like these gadgets that were made for 8 year olds? Anyway, here we are at just 4 years old and he’s already turning everything into a maze, I know he’s my son, but can I just say how much I love how creative he is! So when I sat down to look over the Lakeshore Learning Gifts for Growing Mind catalog, it was no surprise he chose some of these amazing gifts right away!

Amazing Gift Ideas

The Maze Cube

Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

This toy is AWESOME. Even my husband got into the challenge! The toy is a three-dimensional maze all enclosed in an acrylic cube. It’s definitely a challenge for my preschooler, but he is so concentrated and content when he sits down to attempt to conquer it, that I know he’ll enjoy the challenge for a long time to come!

Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

Clear View Marble Run

Marble run is already a super-popular activity in our house! What’s unique about this set are the clear tubes to visually track the marble through the maze- that makes this an A+ choice for little labyrinth lovers like my munchkins!

Underwater Treasure Magnetic Race

Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

This one is super fun! My kids love playing this with (or against) each other!

Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

The acrylic frame holds the maze together and allows my kids to see each other as they race to bring each of their “treasures” (magnetic balls) into their respective boats. So. Much. Fun!!

Waterway Pipe Builders

Make a waterway maze with this pipe building set! This is a great choice to have at the water sensory table or outside on a warm day!

Top Secret Mirror Cubes

Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

These were totally supposed to be opened on Christmas Day, but we got a little ahead of ourselves and gifted them early. I will tell you right now it was a great decision- my little ninja-spy kids were all about them!

Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

How do these relate to mazes, you might ask? Well it’s more of a visual maze- Kids put together these boxes with mirrors to create periscope type instruments! There are several different ways to create them with flexibility for kids design their own! It’s a critical thinking activity and well-loved by my kids who are maze-obsessed!

Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

Which of these amazing toys would your kids like to play with first? Or maybe you have another Lakeshore product in mind? Visit the Lakeshore Learning website and tell me what gift you’d like to give your munchkins this holiday season for a chance to win a $25 gift card!

*Winner must be 18 and older. Giveaway ends on Nomember 18, 2016.

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Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)

16 thoughts on “Amazing Gift Ideas (for kids who like mazes!)”

  1. My kids would love the Maze Cube. It is such a fun activity for the whole family. My boys are really into puzzles and games so this would be perfect for them to explore and learn.

  2. The Maze Cube would be a perfect challenge for my nephew’s cognitive skills. After he masters the maze cube he would be amazed and proud of himself and continue to find other ways to guide the ball all the way to the finish line.

    1. Hi Lizette! You were chosen as thin month’s winner! Be on the lookout for an e-mail from me to confirm your prize!

  3. My 3-year-old would love the maze cube! He has recently been enjoying our Perplexus maze ball, but this one looks a bit easier for a younger child.

  4. Wow the lakeshore products are amazing! I’ve always wanted to buy games or toys which helps teach my preschooler math And I see so many on the lakeshore website like pop&add,multiply dive & conquer. I’m sure these games will help my child learn and be fun at the same time. Thanks for sharing this info and I hope I win!

  5. Hey Clarissa,

    These are awesome ideas for gifts!

    The photos look great and its refreshing to actually see kids playing with toys instead of just a photo. You have a great site and keep up the good work!

    Selina recently posted…10 Best Flying Toys in 2016My Profile

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