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 These Jello cloud parfaits make a fun and elegant dessert (is it even possible to be fun and elegant?!? It is here!), and they are incredibly simple! To be honest, I actually made these for my kids when we did a preschool cloud unit! But I would totally serve them for dessert at a dinner party (if I ever have one!) 😉 My toddler and preschoolers really did appreciate how awesome this dessert looked,though! (NOTE: You’ll want to make sure to use platsic stemware/cups if you’re giving this to little ones).
  • Blue Jello
  • Water/ice
  • Clear (plastic) cups for serving
  •  Large measuring cup
  • Bowl
  • Cool Whip

jello supplies

I followed the speed-set method for making my Jello because I am impatient 😉 It worked just fine if you were curious. I boiled 1.5 of water, then combined it in a bowl with the blue Jello. The water really has to be boiling hot for this to work- all the Jello has to dissolve in the water. Next we measured 1 cup of cold water and added ice until it was 2.5 cups of cold water/ice. My little guys helped me pour in into the Jello mixture.

We stirred for about a minute then removed and unmelted ice. The whole bowl was then placed in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to set. That was a long 30 minutes that my boys kept asking “is it ready yet?!?”

Once the Jello set, I alternated plopping in a couple scoops of cool whip (clouds) and spooning in the Jello. There’s really no way to make a mistake here! It made the most adorable “clouds and sky” snack! This would be great to pair with Eric Carle’s Little Cloud book 🙂

 How will you be serving this dessert- to preschoolers or other adults? Either way, it’s sure to be a hit all around!


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