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Clear out the laundry hamper for these fun ways to play with your toddlers!
Kids love laundry hampers. They are filled with pretend play possibilities!  We found that out yesterday when we were inspired by an activity we saw on our Instagram feed (are you on Instagram? We post simple play ideas every day, many that aren’t even on the blog! Follow Munchkins and Moms on IG and leave us a note saying hello 🙂 We love following similar accounts!) Anyways, that got me thinking about curating a list of ways we can inspire pretend play for our kids with a simple hamper. This list is just a start as I’m sure you have many more ideas you can add!
Idea #1 Make a sailboat!
Everything about this scene looks fun! The pretend oars, the sunny chalkboard backdrop, the “ocean”! I could see lots of pretend play here for both older and younger kids! Visit Inner Child Fun for the details!
Idea #2 Laundry Hamper Train!
This one is so simple to put together! Most households have multiple hampers, take out a few and connect them for a fun time playing train and conductor! Maybe add in a few stuffed animals to make a circus train 🙂 See more details at Seriously Daisies.
Idea #3 Spider Web Challenge!
This looks like a fun afternoon challenge! It just takes some yarn, stuffed animals, and a hamper (of course!) See the details at The Train Driver’s Wife.
Idea #4 Make a Ball Pit!
Do you have these ball pit balls? Throw some into a hamper and you won’t even need to tell the kids what to do! See more details at Reads by Red Riverbanks.
Idea #5 Go Fishing!
This activity has been don over and over in our house! Read more about it here, or turn it into a literacy activity like Danielle did at Mom Inspired Life!
Idea #6 Play Skee Ball!
Laundry Basket Skee Ball by Frugal Fun for Boys look like an absolute blast!
Idea#7 Pretend to be a Hermit Crab!
Rebecca from Line upon Line Learning shared another creative way her daughter uses a laundry hamper- as a hermit crab shell! You have to see how cute it is here!
Idea #8 Pin Drop
Sometimes we just need something to keep the kids busy while we pair up socks. Something QUICK and no prep. Emma from Adventures of Adam accomplished just that with this clothespin and hamper activity!
* Kristina at School Time Snippets has a similar idea but uses pom moms! See how fun it is here!
Idea #9 Hanky Weaving

Which idea will you try first?

Clear out the laundry hamper for these fun ways to play with your toddlers!

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  1. kids are so much imaginative that they can use a single thing in multiple ways to play… These are great ideas, how a laundry hamper can be used. Kids can also make it hot air balloon or a room/house for them where they can live.. it can be used as a bath tub.. imagination has no boundaries..

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