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Mini watermelon popsicles are a super simple treat for preschoolers!
Okay, so you are probably wondering why the word popsicle in in parenthesis. The thing is, these aren’t real popsicles. They’re just pure, delicious watermelon in all it’s glory 🙂 However, they can be frozen for a really cold treat! Read on for the super easy how to!

Sometimes the kids like their food to look interesting. For example, dino nuggets are somehow better than round ones.  I’m not sure I understand it, but I suppose presentation is everything when it comes to food and preschoolers! 😉 Anyways, the boys love watermelon. They beg for it all summer, so they really don’t have a problem eating it, but I wanted to change things up a bit!

I started by cutting a round slice of watermelon around an inch thick. Then I cut off the rind, and cut out little popsicle shapes.


The last step was sticking the popsicle stick in and enjoying! SOOOO EASY, right?!? And how cute would it look at a picnic or BBQ?

If you’re staging these popsicles for a roomful of guests, I would reccomend a simple bed of ice with some grated watermelon rind as garnish 🙂

Don’t they look refreshing?!?

Serve up these simple and refreshing 1 ingredient watermelon popsicles!

**TIPS** The watermelon pops can actually be frozen for an extra cool treat! We dipped a few in yogurt and froze for about half an hour. They were so crisp and delicious when they came out! Adding some green sprinkles in another fun way to garnish the treats for kids. Enjoy!

Delicous and refreshing watermelon popsicles are the perfect summer snack!

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