10 creative ways to learn with pencils! Great ideas for back to school learning activities.

Number 2 pencils are a staple in the classroom. This is why it is so important to make sure you are completely stocked up with all your stationery products. At the beginning of the school year parents and teachers stock up on them, but the majority of the time they are only used as instruments for writing…however, with a little creativity, they can be used in many more

Creative Ways to Learn with Pencils

  1. Gather pencils to practice making tally marks! This is such an easy activity to pull together, and using pencils as tallies makes the activity just a little more interesting than the average pencil and paper practice.
  2. Make an estimation jar that includes pencils! How much did you love estimation jars in school? This one that includes pencils is a great way to work on number sense!
  3. Use the erasers of the pencil for a great preschool name recognition activity!
  4. Practice fine motor skills by letting preschoolers sharpen their own pencils (while this may seem easy, it’s actually a great activity for little hands!)
  5. Make a catapult out of pencils! This is just too cool!
  6. Make a crossbow out of pencils! What kid wouldn’t love this?!?
  7. Do a little magic with this pencils and plastic bag experiment!
  8. Build a tower– this is a great STEM activity!
  9. Make a school supply rain stick– There’s actually a lot of STEM principles you could explore here a well!
  10. Make a spark of lightening with a pencil and a few more supplies!


I found these activities a little later but wanted to add them for you all! Enjoy!

10 creative ways to learn with pencils! Great ideas for back to school learning activities.

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