The cold weather supply you never knew your family needed!

Two months ago my family and I moved from sunny Southern California to the Great White North of North Dakota! Talk about a drastic change- we went from a town of 200,000 residents to a town of approximately 6,000 residents (insert a little bit of culture shock here!). No Targets (goodbye Dollar Spot), no Costco, no beloved In-n-Out, and so on and so on. I am learning to rely heavily on online shopping and bi-monthly trips to the nearest “big city” to hit up the Wal-Mart…and I think the post man know me by name because online shopping is not just convenient, it’s necessary over here!

Basic Cold Weather Supplies

The cold weather supply you never knew your family needed!

I quickly realized that living in a cold climate requires a bit of an investment (especially when lows can get to negative 40 with wind chill. That’s right- 40 degrees BELOW zero- Yikes!). Our California winter clothes were most definitely NOT going to cut it here! And goodness gracious good winter clothes are expensive! Basic winter gear included supplies I’d never owned before: duck boots, snow boots, snow bibs, mittens/gloves, winter coats, balaclava, and probably a lot more that I’m missing/forgetting. And on top of that there was basic weatherizing of our cars. Sheesh. I was a bit underprepared for this whole transition! There was ONE area that I was prepared for though…And I’m pretty proud of the fact that this necessity was taken care of from day one of our move!

The Cold Weather Supply You Never Knew Your Family Needed

The cold weather supply you never knew your family needed!

There she is. In all her oyster-white beauty. Our Venta Airwasher.

Before our move even happened, I teamed up with the great people at Venta to discuss testing and reviewing a Venta Airwasher. Of the many things I didn’t know about living in a cold climate, one thing I did know was that running our heater all day long would produce dry air that irritated my kids’ eczema and increased our susceptibility to being sick (it’s also uncomfortable and causes annoying static electricity!) When I researched more about the Venta Airwashing system I was intrigued by all that this little machine could do (besides basic humidifying)! We’ve also replaced our AC units filter with some merv rated filters, and that’s definitely helped as well. Here’s a quick list:

  • Remove airborne bacteria
  • Remove pollen
  • Remove pet hair and dander
  • Remove dust, dust mites, and allergens (bonus for me since I have a terrible dust allergy!)

I found that the Venta system really is an all-in-one tool that really became a necessity for our family! With my allergies, my kids’ eczema, and my husband’s arch nemesis static electric shock, our Venta has become a staple in both winter and, I suspect, all year long!

The cold weather supply you never knew your family needed!

We have the Kuubel version, which washes 800 square feet (our top floor). It fits in easily with the decor and is almost silent. The device itself is super low maintenance, requiring only a daily water refill (a chore my preschoolers like to help with), and a twice a year deep clean (white vinegar can help clean the unit). And everything but the motor and detachable cord is good to go into your dishwasher on low without detergent. The Venta is so easy to use too- jut fill with water and push the button! The Venta will also never over-humidify your house! Because of the cold evaporation system, if the air needs the moisture it takes it. If not, it leaves it alone but the unit continues pulling out all the unwanted airborne particles keeping the air quality perfect, clean, and comfortable for my family.

A peek at the innards- The Venta is so simple to clean and use!


This was just after one night of running it- the yellow water are the trapped contaminants that were removed from our air in just a few hours! Can your humidifier do that?!? (oh, and I forget to mention that Venta also sells essential oils that work along with the unit for aromatherapy benefits?!! How great is this humidifier?!?!)

See more of how it works in this video:

Ready to try a Venta for yourself? They are having a fabulous sale that ends TODAY! Visit and enter code: turkeyday2016 for 15% off any unit your purchase!!

Not ready to buy now? That’s okay. But don’t forget to pin this to your “Home” Pinterest board so you won’t forget about it later!

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