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It’s been a while since we’ve done a process art activity. Since Halloween is a great time to get the plastic spiders out (the last time we used them was for this very popular Spider Web cutting Tray Activity), we decided it would be fun to use them again in a long-overdue art project!

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I tied a small length of yarn around our spider to simulate a web and set out a few containers of paint (the more liquidy the paint is, the better!)

Ways to extend the activity: While the plastic spiders are not exact replicas for the real thing, this can be a great opportunity to talk to kids about parts of a spider including the cephalothorax, thorax, spinnerets, etc.

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We dove right into the activity by dipping the spider and it’s web right into the paint! We didn’t worry about mixing paint colors, we just enjoyed this creative new way to make art!

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One of the reasons we love process art so much is that it promotes flexibility in thinking. We don’t always need paintbrushes to create. In this activity, art was even an opportunity to promote storytelling and pretend play!

That little spider had so much to say about where his web was being dragged!

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The spiders leg were dipped in paint right along with his web, so we had all sorts of interesting prints on our paper!

spider web 6

How do you think your kids would respond to this invitation to paint? Try it out and let us know! Share your experience on Instagram and make sure to tag me (@munchkins_and_moms) so I can see it!

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