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Yes, I may have a snowman obsession (Melted Snowman Soup, Do you want to Melt a Snowman, 10 Playful Snowman Activities). But to be fair, this activity is actually part of the snowman bucket list I made in the 10 Playful Snowman Activities post (see numbers 1 and 8) 😉

To make the snow paint, I used Growing A Jeweled Rose’s recipe for Shivery Snow Paint. The recipe is easy because it doesn’t have to be exactly measured. I just mixed until the two ingredients felt a bit stiff.
Since I also wanted this to be a melted snowman picture (abstract art is fun and really easy for toddlers and preschoolers!), I collected some snowman supplies for the project.
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 3 buttons
  • Felt (to make a scarf and hat)
  • Foam (to make a carrot nose)
Once all the supplies were gathered, I set them out in front of my boys to get started! We used a plastic spoon to scoop and spread the paint, but a popsicle stick or paintbrush would work just as well.
Both the boys actually had a chance to participate in this project (I love projects they can both do!)

I let them smear the paint on as thick and puffy as they wanted (although thick puffy paint will take longer to dry, it looks so neat!)

Hunter added the snowman parts in random order with no rhyme or reason to what they were meant to represent, but Cannon is now very familiar with snowmen and he took his time to place the items where they might naturally be found on a snowman.


We ended up making a couple of these paintings (just a little paint goes a looong way). I love how they turned out!


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