These aren't your childhood shovel and pail- these sand toys make me wish I was a kid again! Perfect for the beach, sand tables, or playground sand boxes.

Remember when you took trips to the beach as a kid? You got to bring along your shovel and pail and used any cups you could find to build castles? I remember we accidentally left our buckets at home once so my parents had to look in about 4 different Dayton toy stores on the way to the beach before they could find some to take with us! Those were the days. I loved making castles on the beach. Playing in the sand doesn’t have to be complicated, though, in fact, it should be the exact opposite. It should be a time to build creativity and imagination! Digging holes to China and styrofoam cup sand castles will never go out of style, but it’s also fun to have a new tool every now and then to add to the pretend play repertoire. As long as you are covering your little ones from the strong sun rays and you’ve taken a look at some beach canopy reviews, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun playing together. The sand toys in this post are meant to help kids expand on their creativity and enjoy playing in the sand all summer long <3 I hope you'll find something on this list that your kids will totally dig (pun intended, of course!). Enjoy, and don't forget to share with friends (or grandparents who are looking for birthday gift ideas this summer) 😉 This post contains affiliate links

Bilibo Toys


These toys look deceptively simple. To be honest I had no idea what they were even supposed to be used for when I first saw them. Then I watched the Amazon video and I was hooked. They offer so many open-ended and creative play opportunities. Whether you choose to purchase the big ones or the small ones, these are sure to get lots of use in the sand! (digging scooping, pouring, sitting, turtle shells…kids are only limited by their imagination!)

Sand Timer


This is a great multi-purpose tool! Kids can fill it themselves and watch sand sift through the funnel. Let them experiment with time and how much sand is needed for 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc. Then, they can use the times for games! Crab races in the sand or speed sand castle building challenges would have an extra element of fun with this around.

Sand Drill


What in the world is a sand drill?!? That was my first thought when I saw this product. But the ratings are great and I could totally see it’s usefulness in the ever-popular quest to dig a hole to the other side of the Earth. This tool may inspire greatness for the next generation of diggers!

Spilling Funnel


This was another head-scratcher for me. A spilling funnel?!? What does that even DO? Well after seeing the pictures on Amazon I am convinced this would have been my favorite sand toy as a little girl! It can make art, create sand writing, decorate sand cakes, etc. Check out the pictures on Amazon, it’s a pretty interesting little tool!

Pot and Sieves


I love toys that can be used for multiple play scenarios. This is one of those classics. It can be used at the beach to sift shells, hermit crabs, and beach treasures in general. Also use this toy at the sand table to find hidden small gems, dinosaur fossils, alphabet letters, plastic bugs…the list goes on and on!

Sand Baking Set


This is a really cute set for the little chef in your life. Let them use this to whip up a batch of the yummiest sand cupcakes you’ve ever tasted!

Brick Layer Sand Tools


Moving right along from your little chef to your little engineer. This Brick making kit looks like loads of fun!

Road Builder


Once your kids have built the walls, let them add in the roads with this simple tool! It’s sure to leave an impression on everyone who uses it 😉

Sand Excavator


We have one of these at a nearby park and it’s always getting used! When I saw this version on Amazon I was happily surprised that the price wasn’t too bad and the reviews were good. This is definitely one for the at-home sand box!

Which of these toys caught your attention the most? Will you be adding any to your beach bag this summer?

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These aren't your childhood shovel and pail- these sand toys make me wish I was a kid again! Perfect for the beach, sand tables, or playground sand boxes.

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  1. I really like the Bilibo toys I’ve never seen them but it looks like a great toy for the sand! We use construction trucks, dollar store toys, and a sand wheel/ funnel toy for sandbox entertainment. Thanks for the info!

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