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bathroom hacks every mom should know

Life hacks are pretty popular these days. There are whole sub-categories of life hacks, too, like cleaning hacks, parenting hacks, green living hacks etc. The reasons these hacks are so popular is because parents are always looking for ways to make their lives easier and, in many cases, more environmentally friendly. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, just like your kitchen. It is important to keep it looking its best – not just in cleanliness either, but also in design. You don’t want to have a poorly designed bathroom, instead, you should make sure to include things like these rimless shower doors in your design. If your bathroom doesn’t look good normally, then why would you bother to clean it, and having a clean bathroom is really important. A clean bathroom is something that everyone should be aiming for, but sometimes it can be a huge chore. So with these hacks, it won’t be a chore anymore. Plus, if you are looking at renovating some part of your bathroom, like switching your old toilet to something brand new, it might make this decision a lot easier by looking into something like an American Standard Champion 4 Review. Anything that can make your bathroom look even better is always worth doing. A lot of people have plans to renovate their bathroom but are often put off by the potential outlay. Consequentially, it might be worth reading up on your eligibility for an equity release with Key. Moving on, one of our favorite new products that helps us do that is Scott’s Tube-Free toilet paper (read more about why we love it so much in tip #5!) Along with switching to Scott’s Tube-Free toilet paper, here are some other bathroom hacks we think every parent should know:

1.Hold trash bags in place once and for all

Do you use plastic grocery store bags as trashcan liners too? If you do then you are undoubtedly familiar with the dreaded bag slide…you know the one. Where it just slips into the abyss of the can and becomes trash itself? This simple trash bag hack will stop that from happening and leave you wondering “why didn’t I think of that?”

2. Polish chrome fixtures with…

baby oil! Every baby gift basket comes with baby oil. We have loads of loads of baby oil- more than we can use in a lifetime. What to do with all that baby oil? Polish the chrome bathroom fixtures! It works great at restoring the shine. And don’t forget to polish those chrome fixtures that hold your Scott’s Tube-Free toilet paper in place!

3. Give toddler a “that’s enough” toilet paper cue

My three year old is notorious for using waaaaaaayyyyy to much TP. We’ve been called into the bathroom one too many times to unclog a toilet paper filled potty. Enough. We are now using this red line of tape to remind him when he has enough paper. Tip: put the tape line shorter than needed because toddlers like to push their limits and go just a *little* further than needed…or maybe that’s just my kids 😉

Bathroom hacks every parent keeds to know

4. Offer hand washing incentives

My kids don’t particularly love to wash their hands, but this play dough soap is sure to change their minds! I think I even want to play with it a bit!

5. Eliminate toilet paper tubes

What’s with the tube in the middle of the toilet paper? Besides using it for random preschool crafts, it’s really unnecessary. It gets left out way too often and fills wastebaskets faster than necessary (we use an average of 150 rolls a year! Let’s just eliminate that right now.) Scott’s now offers a tube-free toilet paper helping busy moms like us take one less trip to empty the trashcan and saving the environment to boot. Double win.


Learn more about Scott’s Tube Free Toilet Paper

Scott Tube-Free teamed up with a YouTube prankster Roman Atwood, to demonstrate how the toilet paper tubes we use have a big impact on our world. His stunt uses 66,000 toilet paper tubes, that’s the amount of tubes Americans use in just TWO MINUTES!

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