Table-Time look and learn tablecloth review

There is so much technology available today to help our kids learn the alphabet, shapes, colors, etc., but sometimes what kids need to help them learn is a personal connection- and what better place to make those connections than at the dinning room table? I know when I’m finishing up a meal, my husband takes our two boys to sit at the table to prepare to eat. They pray, talk, and enjoy their time being together. When I saw this tablecloth, I knew it would be something that would benefit our family because it provided a simple way to connect with each other and learn right there at the table! (Read more about the inspiration behind the tablecloth here) I contacted Tony (the founder of Table-Time Tablecloth) and asked to review the product. I was thrilled that he not only agreed to the review, but was also willing to offer a tablecloth to one of my readers (keep reading to find out how to win!)

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I was happy with the quality of the tablecloth. It’s not a one time use item- It’s been made to last through many meals and supports learning from 18 months to 6 years of age! The tablecloth is felt backed to keep it in place at the dinner table and the top is a plastic (see: easily wipeable) PVC free material. You can even use a washable marker to write on it!


My kids were eager to jump right in and examine the illustrations (which were drawn by an emmy-nominated artist from The Simpsons!)


First thing my oldest son saw was that ice cream cone, ha! But it was a great way to begin discussing three dimensional shapes with him, something I hadn’t done yet. Now we have a chance to review them every time we sit for a meal, perfect!

Since this is a mostly math tablecloth, there’s an abundance of numeracy skills represented here. We could work on number recognition, one-to-one correspondence in counting, ordinal numbers, comparisons, money, the list goes on and on! There really is a great variety of math concepts represented on this tablecloth.


Can you see this product being a benefit to your family, yet? Ready to purchase on now? Purchase the Table-Time Tablecloth on Amazon or from the Table-Time website.

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Make learning easy with this look and learn tablecloth!

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