This will be your go-to activity this month!

Pumpkin hide-and-seek is everything you need in your life right now- low prep, fun, and engaging (see: keeps the kids busy for a while 😉 )

In an attempt to use our pumpkins in lots of different ways this month, I came up with a fun twist on the game hide-and-seek…it’s called “Hide-and-Seek Pumpkins!” (I lack creativity when it comes to naming things).

The game is simple- use the mini decorative pumpkins you have on your counter and hide them in various places around the house. If you have more than one pumpkin, you’re already winning because that’s less time you have to take rehiding the same pumpkin. Have your kids seek them out all around the house. This can take a while so you may want to limit the game to one room (or not…)

(See how Katie at Happily Ever Mom took this game outdoors!)

You can mix things up a bit and turn it into a game of “hot and cold” (depending on how close they are to finding the pumpkin).

Since I’m always looking to make activities educational (the teacher brain in me rarely turns off), we turned this into rhyming practice:

“Look for the pumpkin in a place that rhymes with stair!”

The game really can have lots of variations. Instead of rhyming, give color hints:

“The pumpkin is in a green hiding spot!”

One of my favorite variations to the game is the Hide and Seek Kitchen Pumpkin.

Now don’t be thrown off by the ambiguous name, this is the exact same thing, only in the kitchen 😉

The brilliance of the kitchen version of the game is that it keeps the kids busy while you cook dinner. The witching hour can be brutal, so this little gem of an idea is really gold when you need it!

The last variation to the game is to hand it off completely to the kids. Let them take turns hiding and seeking the pumpkin, freeing you up to pin more fun pumpkin activities on Pinterest 🙂

(speaking of, don’t forget to pin this one!)