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Since the time he could identify colors, my youngest son was always very excited to tell people that he “has blue eyes…just like daddy!” Preschoolers and toddlers just love talking about themselves, and if you ask me, it is pretty adorable to hear them do so! They’ll go on and on about their favorite shirt, the color of their eyes, their rainboots, how they like pizza, etc. etc. etc.

This month we planned crafts to celebrate who they are. It was a wonderful time to talk all about them and what makes them special.

Craft #1: All About Me Dolls

We used the People Shapes Project Kit with our preschool co-op earlier this month to create “All About Me” costumes (it’s October and the kids were allll excited to share their costumes!).

Since we had a few projects leftover after co-op, my kiddos used them for making more “all about me” crafts! It was fun for them to pick out clothes that matched what they were wearing and find the right googly eye color (the kit came with everything we needed! No prep work necessary).

My three year old wanted to make one that looked like a football player. He wants to be a football player/construction worker/trashman when he grows up 😉 You do you, buddy. I’ll support your dreams 100%

Craft #2: Name Recognition Activity

After many, many name recognition crafts, my kid are PROS at this name spelling thing. But they never seem to get tired of spelling their names over and over, so we keep on keeping on!

We used Wooden Collage Letters from Lakeshore Learning to make a simple invitation to spell their names in play dough.

Of course once they were done with their names they moved on to spelling everyone else’s name in the family (except our dog Remington. That one just had too many letters for them 😉 )

Other great ways to use these letter:

  • Paint them and glue them to craft sticks
  • Make a tabletop crossword game using them
  • Spell sight words together
  • Make an art collage uing them

Craft #3: Make Handprint Art

These Giant Washabe Ink Pads are one of my favorite art supplies! They are large enough for multiple kids to uses at once and they are sooo easy to wash off hands after handprint art!

Handprint art was a fun way to talk about our unique fingerprints, the size of our hands, our favorite colors, etc.

Craft #4: My Name Sweet Treats

One thing my kids enjoy doing is helping me bake. They love learning in the kitchen! This week we made some cupcakes that spelled their names- a sweet treat just for them!

I cannot even begin to describe the excitement my kids had over these treats! The alphabet silicone molds and recipe came right out of our Sweet Treats! Letter Molds.

I am pretty excited about these letter molds myeslf! We’ve already used them in our sensory bin. There are so many other ideas I have for them in the coming months!! (soaps making, crayon molds, brownie treats, etc.)

Fun fun fun!!!

What are your favorite All About Me preschool crafts?

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