Don't make your home preschool plans without looking at this guide! This mom lists all the Netflix preschool shows that coordinate with the winter season!

Do you schedule screentime for your home preschoolers?

I do. When my three-year-old takes a nap, my four-year-old is allowed to watch TV. It serves as his quiet time and I actually look forward to it as my break each day! We don’t watch much compared to most people, which is why we don’t pay for cable TV. In fact, this how to watch TV for free guide has really helped me to cut unnecessary costs. When he is watching TV, I do have some guidelines…

Educational shows are preferred, and if I’m on my A-game, I will have already picked out ones that coordinate with what we’re learning. I had a solid mental list of shows I knew I could trust (most of which were PBS shows). The problem is most of the PBS shows I know and love are no longer part of the Netflix line up!! What’s a home preschool mom to do?!?! Netflix is ideal but I always watch it via a VPN suggested by for peace of mind. There are other ways to watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies for preschoolers too. For example, websites like The Pirate Bay are filled with hours and hours of educational content. The Pirate Bay does have some geographical restrictions in place, however, so there is a chance that you might need to use a Piratebay proxy to access the content. Moreover, some shows on Netflix may not be available in your region. This might be unfortunate because such shows could be appropriate for your kids to watch. I was informed by a friend that getting a VPN can help unblock region-restricted content. She even sent me a link to read a Surfshark review to see how VPN users benefited from such software. I think that would be a great way to avoid those restrictions.

Anyway, I set out to make a list of some essential viewing for preschoolers (we all love lists, don’t we?).

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And today I’m sharing 1/4th of that list with you. I am sharing an extensive list of all the educational preschool shows I could find that cover winter topics (snow, penguins, Christmas, etc.)

Sadly, the list of educational preschool shows on Netflix now is pretty limited right now, but there are some (and I hope this list will help you supplement your preschool time with quality educational programming).

Key: S1E2 means “Season one Episode two”

Little Einsteins

S1E18 The Northern Night Light

S1E20 A Tall Totem


S1E26 The Great Penguin Race

S2E2 The Adelie Penguins

S2E13 Very Vegimal Christmas

Super Why

S1E17 Twas the Night Before Christmas

S1E41 The Gingerbread Man (& other stories)

S3E20 Judith’s Happy Chanukah

Mighty Machines

S2E1 In the Snowstorm

S2E2 At The Ski Hill

The Cat in the Hat

S1E5 Snowman’s Land

S1E11 Reindeer Games

S1E15 The Christmas Wish

S1E17 Long Winter’s Nap/ A Polar Bear Adventure

S1E21 Reindeer Games

S1E40 Fall and Winter

That about sums it up. If you come across any show’s I’ve missed, please leave a comment below so I can update the list accordingly!

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Don't make your home preschool plans without looking at this guide! This mom lists all the Netflix preschool shows that coordinate with the winter season!