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A place for everything and everything in its place

It’s time to organize and prepare our homeschool room! That means I am organizing (and reorganizing!) to find ways to make our homeschool space work for us. Here are some tips I’ve found handy while getting our space set up for this year:

1. Have a daily system

Think about your daily routines. Can you kids easily find and access their daily materials? I like using these Neon Connect and Store Book Bins. I have them labeled for each day of the week with the books and printables we will use for the day.

2. Organize papers

We had mountains of paper stored in several different cabinets and I always felt like it was a mess. It wasn’t easy for my kids to access and I hated having to look all over the place for the paper we needed. This year I wanted to solve that problem with a tabletop paper center

To be honest, this is probably one of my favorite school room upgrades this year 🙂 It’s such an easy storage solution, I am actually wondering why I didn’t get one sooner!

We stock our table top paper center with construction paper, cardstock, primary paper, foam sheets, watercolor paper, and scrapbook paper… and I am just realizing I forgot to add in basic white drawing paper (printer paper). Guess I have to go back and add that in!

3. Organize Art Supplies

Art is an essential part of the preschool experience! And I firmly believe kids should have access to a multitude of art supplies (besides just crayons). I like to store our supplies in kitchen canisters like these:

4. Make Supplies Easily Accessible

Preschoolers should have the opportunity to access materials on their own. They should be able to reach their art supplies, papers, and weekly materials without assistance. This will help develop independence and a sense of ownership in their space. A simple bookshelf like this takes up very little space and can hold most of your daily supply needs.

5. Keep Records

While you won’t need to store grades or assessment records from preschool (like might be required in upper-grade homeschooling), you’ll undoubtedly want to keep some mementos from the year. When I was in school, my mom kept a school years book which recorded significant events and accomplishments of each year. When I came across this School Days Keepsake Album from Lakeshore Learning, I was thrilled! I am so excited to keep such a fantastic book of memories for my kids just like the one I have from my childhood!

The book has pages dedicated to preschool-12th grade. It records things you’ll most want to remember and has a pocket for holding awards and work samples.

My favorite part of the album is actually the place for the child’s signature. I loved looking how my signature changed from preschool backward’s letters to learning cursive in third grade to i’s dotted with hearts in middle school <3 I can’t wait to use this book to record all of my kids’ accomplishments and growth through their school years!


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