magnetic bowl is not a standard item in playrooms or preschools (it’s more commonly found in mechanic’s shop), but it is such a great tool for investigation! Not only is the bowl magnetic, it’s also reflective so as your little munchkin plays they are able to see a bit of their own reflection!

I decided to pair our magnetic bowl with pipe cleaners because they have a flexible metal spine that would be interesting to manipulate and create art with.

Magnetic art activity for toddlers

Before I introduced the activity to my son, I twisted the pipe cleaners in interesting shapes. Since the bowl I have is only 6 inches, the shapes had to be relatively small (there are also magnetic trays available if that suits you more).

Unfortunately my poor son has been sick with bronchiolitis (it has been rough!) But we had a few minutes to take out this activity and I am happy to say he calmly enjoyed investigating and experimenting with it.  He put all the pipe cleaners on the bowl and turned it upside down, when to his amazement, all the pipe cleaners stayed on the bowl! I loved watching his face light up when he made that discovery 🙂 As for pictures, I only shot one because I was sitting close cuddling my sick little man as much as he would let me.

magnetic art activity
**UPDATE** I just took this activity out for my son to explore again and he was just as mesmerized by the magnetic properties of the bowl and pipe cleaners as the first time we explored it! 

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  1. Great idea! My 2.5yo will love it. If you placed a magnet underneath the bowl, could you use that to move the pipe cleaners, on top, around? Probably better suited for a tray then the bowl, if it does work.

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