I don’t know about you, but we live in a *small* space- I’m talking 800(ish) square feet small. That’s right, two adults and two toddlers in a sardine box.

We are temporarily renting while we are in the process of buying a (slightly) less small house. So even though there are a KAJILLION things I would love to buy my kids, we just do not have space for them (or the money…just go with me on this one though).

One of the items I’ve considered buying is a train table. My boys LOVE trains right now. I’ve walked every square inch of this apartment trying to find a spot that we could fit it in and came up with nothing, but as the old adage says…

Necessity is the mother of invention
(and as it so happens, I am the MOTHER of necessity!)
So here you have it- my nifty solution to giving my boys a train table (without spending a dime or sacrificing a single square inch of space!)
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Toddler bed to train table hack (directions)

Be prepares to be blown way by how easy this is….

Step 1- Remove the mattress

Step 2- Flip the bed over

Step 3- Cover the slats with a rectangular play mat
(if you want to make the transformation more permanent, I would recommend adding a piece of plywood over the slats for extra reinforcement 🙂

4. Add the toys. We like our Thomas the Train set.

5. Let the kids play!

What did I tell you- less than 5 minutes, right?!?
And it takes ZERO extra space since tonight it will be transformed back into a toddler bed.

And best of all- it cost me EXACTLY ZERO DOLLARS!!

**Chances are you don’t have the exact same toddler bed as we do, but I hope this post will inspire you to look at the furniture you do have in a new way. An old ottoman? Two dining room chairs pushed together? An old TV stand? Be creative. Find another way to use those items. Not only is this a great way to save money, but remember your kids are ALWAYS watching you. If you set an example by being a creative problem solver, chances are they will follow in your footsteps 🙂
Another bonus I found with building this bed, I was able to purchase my son a new mattress with the money I saved. I spent a while trying to find the best one, after reading reviews on casper vs leesa I was able to find one perfect for his new bed!

Want another kid furniture hack? You have to check out this Train table to lego table idea!!

Also, Don’t forget to pin this to come back to later 🙂

Turn a toddler bed into a train table in less than 5 minutes! with this crazy simple hack!

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