Empty Tomb Easter Rolls

What are your Easter traditions? We started a new one this year and made Empty Tomb Rolls (Resurrection Rolls). These have been around for as long as Pinterest has existed and for some reason we haven’t made them until today. We were missing out.

The Easter Story

Telling the Easter story is central to our celebration of Easter. We have our Children’s Bible to read and learn the story from, and there are plenty of videos we could watch, but there is nothing quite like a hands-on (object) lesson to make the miracle of Easter more understandable for kids. Each ingredient in this easy recipe is symbolic and helps kids to grasp the resurrection of Jesus.

Empty Tomb Roll Ingredients and Symbolism

Crescent roll dough (Jesus’s tomb)

Large Marshmallows (Jesus’s Body)

Cinnamon Sugar (The spices put on his body)

Butter (The oil anointing him)


The recipe and story is best started by talking about the marshmallow. I tell my boys that the marshmallow is going to be like Jesus’s body. Jesus died on the cross on the day we call Good Friday. His body was prepared for burial with oil and spices (the butter and cinnamon sugar are going to be like the oils and spices). We dip the marshmallow in each reminding of of what happened to our Savior.

Following the oil and spices, Jesus’s body was wrapped in cloth and sealed in a tomb. The marshmallows are entombed by crescent rolls to represent the burial of Jesus.

Tip: Seal them up tight! If there are holes the marshmallow will leak out and flatten the dough. They still taste amazing, but do not have the same story-telling effect.

We then baked the rolls at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. The waiting is like how Jesus was in the tomb all Saturday while his followers mourned.

When the rolls were ready we let them cool and anxiously awaited the end of the story!

We cut open a roll to find the tomb is empty! No more marshmallow! Just like our crescent rolls, Jesus’s tomb is empty! He is risen!

The miracle of Easter is this- Jesus took the penalty for our sins. He really died. He was really buried and mourned. Then he rose from the dead. He was (and is) alive! He is risen indeed!

Empty Tomb Rolls (Resurrection Rolls) to celebrate the meaning of Easter with Kids!