I am slightly embarrassed that the majority of my posts revolve around my toddler son, Cannon. When Cannon was younger, we did many projects together as well (that was pre-blog days). But now that I have two kids, it is much harder to focus my energy on Hunter (lil’ brother). He’s a very easy-going baby, generally happy just sitting and gnawing on a toy. So that’s just what I encourage him to do. He plays with musical instruments, crawls, cruises on furniture, and teethes on anything he can fit into his mouth. But he is ready for so much more stimulation than I’ve been offering- and I am ready to start doing more projects with him 🙂

For our first baby project, I decided to play off of Cannon’s last activity (Toast Painting) and offer Hunter the experience to paint as well. Since he is only 9 months old though, it was VERY important that the paint be edible! So I came up with the idea to mix some of his rice cereal with food coloring
There’s no hard and fast recipe for this project. I just mixed the cereal with water until the consistency was as thick as a typical finger paint. Then I added a few drops of food coloring and mixed thoroughly. Don’t forget to add a bib (or let your little one be a naked baby for  while). This project is MESSY 🙂


 I don’t know who was more excited to try this paint out- me or Hunter!
I can’t wait to offer more activities to Hunter- He loved painting (and eating!) his rice cereal paint!

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9 thoughts on “Edible Infant Paint”

  1. With the food coloring, does this “paint” stain the skin? Working with daycare infants, I don’t think they would be ok if we sent them home with stained noses and such. Thanks.

  2. How long did this activity last for your son? I tried it with my 9 mo. old and it lasted all of 5 minutes. Do you have any tips to elongate the activity?

  3. Hello,

    Thank you so much for this. I have a 9 month old too. I’m also looking for more stimulation activities for her. What other ideas can I do with her?

    Thank you! 🙂

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