bonding with baby through skin-to-skin contact

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

I’ve never seen the inside of a hospital delivery room. I’ve visited plenty of new mamas and their newborns, and I’ve held plenty of sweet newborn infants, but I myself have never experienced the labor and delivery that typically goes along with motherhood. Because of infertility, which many will go to fertility treatment arizona clinics for, my precious babies are always brought to me fully clothed and ready to be loved. Infertility can hit anyone, it does not show bias and it can be an upsetting and scary time for couples who are trying their best to get pregnant. There are ways this can be aided, but it does take time. Husbands can look at trying sildenafil if they have erectile dysfunction, which can make it difficult to conceive. Taking small steps can help a family do what they can.

One thing I learned was that my babies, no matter how old they were when they came to me, all needed my comfort and love through physical touch. They needed to feel the love, safety, and security that came with laying directly on me and being held close to me. When they became anxious, confused, or upset, cuddling was always part of the solution. I wanted to keep them safe all the time. I bought baby proofing magnetic drawer locks and lots of other products to ensure they were never in danger. Securing your home is very essential for safekeeping your child. Many parents overestimate their instincts and avoid baby-proofing the place. No one would hesitate when it comes to matters of home security and burglar alarm installation. Similarly, indoor safety cannot be taken lightly. I would suggest that every new parent get the right equipment to babyproof their living space. I love my children so much, and there is nothing that I can compromise for their well-being.


This picture was taken when my second son, Hunter, was brought home to us. He was only a few days old and already experienced so much loss. I wanted to hold him as close to me as possible. The thing is, back when we first started doing foster care, nobody told me what skin-to-skin contact even was. The doctors and nurses that usually teach this technique to new moms in the delivery room were replaced by social workers and paperwork in my living room. They brought in the babies and left as quickly as they appeared. They never mentioned the benefits of bonding through skin-to-skin contact. Intuitively, I began connecting with each of my children by holding then straight against my chest. But how I wish someone would have taught me, from day one, that these babies needed to be right on my SKIN.

The science of skin-to-skin contact

This video, sponsored by WaterWipes, is a great education tool for parents like me who might not have been aware of what the term meant and how vital it is to newborn.

Now when we get new babies I know the importance of providing skin-to-skin bonding opportunities. After baths, diaper changes, and any other time of day I can get it in, I hold each of my babies right on my skin for comfort and love.

WaterWipes- a pure way to connect

WaterWipes has shown they are dedicated to helping moms connect to their bases through the purest means possible. Their baby wipes are made from 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract- that’s all. So you can be sure that every time you touch your baby, everything that comes through is pure, gentle, and loving.


I’m honored to be included in the WaterWipes Ambassador program, so it is my pleasure to share the Pure Love video with you (above) and spread the message on how important skin-to-skin contact is for bonding. We trust WaterWipes to naturally help clean bottoms, hands, and even faces with a gentle and natural touch.

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